What type of game would you create with unlimited resources?

MWEB GameZone writes: "The idea of having unlimited resources to create any type of game a developer wants is an amazing prospect, where creativity and the developer vision of a perfect game can shine. Ex-Dice game designer Tim Kjell told Reddit users that he would create a game much like Destiny if he had a bottomless budget…

What type of game would you create with a bottomless budget?"

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plut0nash1479d ago

A bad one :) Limited resources fosters creativity.

Sillicur1479d ago

In some cases maybe, but with very limited resources the creativity might come in the form of finding creative ways to cut corners :)

schmoe1479d ago

hah, great point actually, it would prolly never get released cos there would always enhancements.


For the sake of answering the original question, id like to see Freelancer relaunched in a persistent MMO universe incorporating both the awesome space combat as well as planetary action... But then that is what i am expecting star citizen to be...

or WOW 2 on the newest crytek engine

Sillicur1479d ago

That does sound a bit like star citizen.

WoW 2 on the newest crytek engine would be awesomesauce wrapped in win!

breakpad1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

easy just gimme the funds ..i have already one in scripts -->TPS , with HAlo CE+Vanquish action, memorable characters like FFVII-MGS and semi open world ....with a lot lot attention to detail

3-4-51478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

* 9 Part Epic RPG

- 3 games = Turn based RPG
- 3 games = Action RPG
- 3 games = Tactics style Strategy RPG

* All in same world, with one huge Story line in the background playing out along all the games, + whatever individual storylines there are.

* 10 Different Art Style settings
- EX: Cel Shaded , Realistic, Colorful, Muted ect..

* 50+ Battle Songs, so you never get tired of the same battle theme.

* 500+ Towns

* 3,000 characters to recruit, EACH with their own Side Story to complete.

* 3 games on each Disc/Cartridge

- Turn Based, Action & Strategy RPG all on one disc.

That would be Game #1,#2,#3 ALL ON SAME DISC, for $60.

* 3 Full games for $60, different styles.

* NO ANNOYING Characters.

* Can play as over 100+ different races
* Create your own Race of people
* Create your own Town & Buildings

* Endless replay mode where you can CREATE YOUR OWN QUESTS, and share them online with others.

* Smash Brothers like 10th game that Brings in 200+ of the favorite characters from all 9 games, and places them in one Smash Brothers type fighting game.

^ That would be my epic GAMES.....or some of them.

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HanCilliers1479d ago

Something with the emotional depth of The Walking Dead, the action of a Halo game, the Mass Effect companions and the end game content of WoW.

Sillicur1479d ago

That would be so hard to pull of, but yeh, the best aspects of some of the best games all thrown into one sounds amazing

buyakabuyaka61991479d ago

The action of uncharted games will be better choice I guess.

elninels1479d ago

Final fantasy auto 5: awakening

Final fantasy setting, writing, openness, and detail of gta, fire emblem team size and combat system. Ni no kuni quality of soundtrack. ...........
Or attack on titan

GabeSA1479d ago

If we are talking about having the resources and finances to bring a game to life, then for me I would love a great detective game, in an MMO style where players can play as criminals and build up empires, take each other on and control divisions within a city, or they can take on the role of a detective, working through the ranks. The offline concept will be AI stories and investigations which will unlock better weapons and XP levels (which means they can investigate or find evidence in Online mode againt high level criminals). If as a criminal kingpin you can recruit others into your gang, and as they level up they can challenge you if they can get enough people into their corner. For cops, they can control precincts but as they level up they can increase rank making them chiefs which will allow them to earn more xp in taking down criminal empires. Its can be played in FPS or Third Person modes, in Offline its optimal to play 3rd person, but the moment you go online it will be a FPS. Of course....there are other facets I would include, but this is the jest of it.

Sillicur1479d ago

Best idea i have heard so far, I would love to play something like that one day.

Which studio at the moment do you think can pull something like this off?

HanCilliers1479d ago

GTAV meets Battlefield: Hardline?

psuedo1479d ago

A AAA roguelike game. Maybe a game where you're surviving on an island. Maybe a roguelike game where you're surviving on an island. Go download Unreal World (a free survival roguelike game set in the finnish iron age). Most of all I would probably hire a team for the guy who works on that game. I would really like to see a roguelike game to come to consoles with modern graphics though, omg I would die.

Scrivlar1479d ago

A Bethesda like 3D open world of Pokemon with all the regions and all Pokemon. Nothing else would come close for me.

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