XboxMAD EGX 2014: Hands on with Alien Isolation

Tense. Terrifying. A perfect love letter to the franchise.

These are the things I wanted to be saying about Alien Isolation after my hands-on preview of the game, but unfortunately, I cannot. Don’t get me wrong, Alien Isolation is a fantastic game, and all of those sentiments will apply if you happen to be a particular kind of player. If you’re anything like me, however, then playing this game will prove to be a frustrating experience.

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Ashunderfire861478d ago

I like this preview, but I disagree to what this guy said in the last few paragraphs. Alien Isolation is suppose to be about a horror movie in a game, where a major threat is constantly tracking you down to kill you. I'm pretty sure that this game will have some puzzles, some breathing moments, and more variety than just hiding from the Alien for 12 to 15 hours or so. I saw streaming for this game on PS4 and it look like a must buy!