15 Problems Only Destiny Gamers Will Understand

WhatCulture Writes - For those of us that stuck by it, Destiny is massively rewarding. There are regular events designed to offer us something new and exciting every week; there are limited time vendors whose wares are only available for a couple of days at a time; and new, harder game modes are being added to give the higher-level players something to do all the time – can you really say you’re done with Destiny until you’ve conquered the Vault of Glass, the game’s first raid?

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admiralvic1478d ago

Flawless raider isn't impossible and you have to understand how grossly inflated that 1,000+ death toll number is. To give you an idea, if anyone alerts the gorgon / fails to kill the oracles / too many people die during the final boss fight, then your team gets wiped (adding 6 guaranteed deaths). So you screw up the gorgon section 10 times, thats 60 deaths, so you can start to see how getting 1,000+ when you have absolutely no clue what you're suppose to do is a bit inflated and in no way average. I would say that a good team that wasn't even trying for the trophy / achievement could probably do the raid with only 20 or so deaths. Mind you, I am not saying Flawless raider is an easy trophy, since there are too many ways to instantly fail, but if you have the right gear and good people that know the raid, it's far from impossible to achieve. Especially when you consider people have beat it on hard, which doesn't let you revive people (you either stay dead until the next section or everyone wipes).

10 is no longer true (more or less) and I wouldn't say Crucible is the only mode that awards worthless people. I did a strike with someone who went AFK and guess who got the awesome loot...

shammgod1478d ago

Wow! That's terrible. I thought if you were AFK for 10 mins + you get booted.

I was booted while talking on the phone for over 10 mins and i slightly moved my character every 1-2 mins...i guess since i wasn't shooting they kicked me, but i am not sure how that works.

admiralvic1478d ago

I don't know what exactly the requirements are or how to game the system, but my friend claimed he AFKed with a level like 4 character near the loot cave, pushed start and and taped down his thumbstick and 6 hours later he was level 20.

Also, this was The Devil's Lair at level 8, so it's entirely possible we actually beat the mission in under 10 minutes or slightly more than 10 minutes. I don't recall the time as we were both extremely pissed that we couldn't kick the worthless dude and that they got a legendary engram for doing nothing.

It also didn't help we had another loser try it the game after, but we both ditched him after a few minutes.

xHeavYx1478d ago

"15 Problems Only Destiny Gamers Will Understand"

11. The Satisfying Feeling Of Scoring A Sweet Headshot With The Sniper.

How is that a problem?

rextraordinaire1478d ago

And how is that only in Destiny? Every shootet, from CoD to Bulletstorm with Borderlands in the middle has headshots. Lemme guess, another shitty whatculture article...

rextraordinaire1478d ago

Murder Cave?

... They mean Loot Cave.

diehllane1478d ago

Yea... Nowhere have I seen it mentioned as Murder Cave.