Fifa 15 Review | GES

"Every year this time we get spoiled with another version of Fifa, this year is no different with Fifa 15 being out and available on all major platforms. Let’s see how it is on the PS4.

When starting Fifa 15 you get thrown into the UEFA final, straight away you can feel the pressure and excitement coming from the crowd. The crowds are more alive and reacts to what is happening in the game, this brings the whole stadium to life and feels as if you are on the field participating in the actual game. After the game you set up your profile and depending on how you played the game will recommend some settings for you. As usual there are tons to do in Fifa 15, the live updates are also done a lot better and now there is a new Matchday Live section, this gives you relevant info upon your choosing which is great for any soccer fan that wants to be kept updated."

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