Driveclub's JP Launch Trailer and Screenshots Show Actual PS4 Gameplay, Great Graphics & Much More

Sony Computer ENtertainment Japan and Asia released new screenshots and the Japanese launch trailer of Driveclub.

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kayoss1479d ago

IF i didnt know this was from a game, I be like, "that camera guy have guts for filming between two race cars".
The night driving is mind blowing. The reflection of the tail light from the wet road, the brightness of the brake lights actually made me squint (similar to when you some one high beam you).
This game looks amazing.

buyakabuyaka61991479d ago

Fanatstic visuals. Loving it. Oct 7 can't come soon enough. Aaaargh!

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HappyWithOneBubble1479d ago

PS4 is like a box full of candy. Everything looks so sweet.

Cid331479d ago

skrew the game i want that girl :)

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