FIFA 15 Review [Capsule Computers]

Dustin Spencer of Capsule Computers writes:

"FIFA is no stranger to next gen, as last year – we seen a decent port hit the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Sure, it played well, but still felt like a port, trying to deliver something new on something old. Well, FIFA 15 is here to change that. With a good deal of upgrades and an improved Ultimate Team mode, this soccer (or football for you a bit further east) title is here to bring the genre all the way into the next gen. EA still have competition however with PES still on the market, and in order to stake their claim – they had to pull out all of the stops. Does FIFA 15 dribble by with a score, or is it just not ready for primetime? Let’s find out."

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masterabbott1478d ago

Id rather play Pro Evo over Fifa anyday.

Subby1477d ago

I've never played either but Pro Evo is by Konami so that's a winner over EA.