Lords Of The Fallen gets an unofficial theme song

Yes.Mustache is a video game inspired music project. This week sees the release of an unofficial theme song for Lords Of The Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen (Harkyn’s Ballad) is Metal ballad (obvious) sung from the perspective of Harkyn, who is the lead character in the LOTF game.

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Aon1564d ago

Sounds great and I hope all of songs from official soundrack will sounds like this. Now I can't wait when I will can hear this soundrack.

fizmarble1562d ago

This one is an "unofficial" song by someone unaffiliated with the OST. I don't know what the OST will sound like, but you can download this one for free from the link in the description.

Aon1561d ago

Here you have one of songs from official soundtrack: For me it's sounds great. I hope we can get it not only from Limited or Collector Edition:)

ThePowerpuffGirl1560d ago

Quite a nice song. It would be better to listen, if they were have any insertions from the game .;). I also count on the soundtrack that will be available not only in the editions. We'll see. So far I'm waiting for the game itself. It's time to count down the days. :)