DriveClub Was Delayed For Design Reasons, Not Technical, Game Was "Finished"

"The reason for the delay, many thought, was so that the game could get a bit more development time to fine-tune the game mechanics; basically delayed for technical reasons. However, that's not the case, at least not according to Simon Barlow, one of the creative designers behind the PS4 exclusive racer."

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gamer11381479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

So why is the weather still not available on launch?

@below...and a year long delay for "design" reasons and they still couldn't get a technical effect like weather ready for launch. I'm just calling BS on the design vs technical argument. It's OK if they game wasn't finished. Much better they release it when it's ready and I admire them for taking their time, but come on, clearly there is a technical reason for why the weather isn't there on launch.

Forn1479d ago

Because they want it to be perfect...

donthate1479d ago

No game is ever "perfect" or "finished".

This sounds more like the game was crap, and somebody at the top made the wise decision to have the game redesigned and attempt to save it!

Septic1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Hold on a minute. Didn't Shuehei Yoshida say that the game was delayed because there was some aspect fundamentally broken preventing it from being launched? Like an online portion or something?

Hold up I'll try and dig it out

[EDIT] Here we go:

Shuhei Yoshida:

""Last year we were hoping to get it done, but there was a huge technical issue. So the team had to go back and re-engineer some parts of the game. That's the reason it took so long. It's almost a whole year, because the team went back to the drawing board in some of the key aspects of the game."

So how does this work? The dev here is saying that the game was 'finished' and 'shippable' but Shuhei says there was a 'huge technical issue'?

Patrick_pk441479d ago

@Septic I'll tell you how this works. One developer doesn't speak for the whole team, or company.

Septic1479d ago


So you're telling me that this one dev basically lied to us?

nX1478d ago

He's not lying, it's true and completely comprehensible. Just watch this gameplay from August 2013
Do you notice any big changes in graphics, handling or sound? No, because the game was pretty much finished back then.

It's actually impressive if you think about the fact that Sony delayed it for a year just to restructure it. Imagine how much this delay cost them since these developers certainly don't work for free.

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OB1Biker1479d ago

Well you know what the weather forecast is like XD

SonyWarrior1479d ago

Didnt the first time sony showed drive club they said it was a firstperson only driving game? I remember it was at e3 when they showed ps4. So yes the game did change quite a bit then

porkChop1479d ago

Yeah they referred to it as true first person racing.

kayoss1479d ago

They delayed the game because it had harsh criticism during its reveal. Everyone was saying that the game does not look special and the graphic was not that great. So they decide to delay the game to make more improvements to it.
The "improvement" most likely involved both design and technical im assuming. But we must all agree that the delay was a great move by Sony. This game looks amazing compared to it initial reveal.

The weather aspect of the game does not make or break the game. Its a visual aspect of the game and does not play a key role in the game as a whole. I would think that the weather is just an afterthought (or nice to have). The priority for the developer is to get a full game out without further delays. Stuff like weather, extra cars, etc... can always be patched after the game is released. that's the beauty of DLC. It makes adding additional content to a released simple.

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Forn1479d ago

It was worth the wait. Very excited for how Driveclub shaped up over the last year. Only a few more days! *rocks back and forth in a dark corner of the room*

DarXyde1479d ago

I wish there was a classic mode where you could play the early build. I think gamers would be able to appreciate the extra development time more and experience all of the changes Evolution made over time.

Dudebro901479d ago

If it was would of shipped it...

jrshankill1479d ago


As mentioned in an comment above though, EVO has been giving all sorts of reasons why the game has been delayed.. even being hypocritical in their reasoning.

Don't know why they can't be honest... people would respect them more for it.

MasterCornholio1479d ago

"In a recent interview with Develop Online, Barlow stated that ‘the game was finished’ and was ‘perfectly shippable’ in it’s then-current form. Instead of releasing the game back then, the folks behind DriveClub decided to delay the game to work on the games design, though not from a technical perspective."

But then they changed their minds at the very end.

"If it was would of shipped it..."

Not if someone at the very last minute thought that they couldn't release the game like that. Its really not difficult to understand.

They finished the game but then someone at the very last minute said they couldn't release the game like that so they delayed it to change it. I dont know why you can't understand stand that.

Reading the article helps a lot.

Spotie1479d ago

Lots of "finished" games shouldn't have been shipped. DNF, anyone?

Besides, why the hell do you care?

Forn1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

It was 'finished' in the respect that Evolution had it working in a fully playable form. Obviously though they weren't completely happy with it so they delayed it to continue making improvements. How hard is that to understand? The game they have now is one that they can look at and be proud of. Many developers and publishers could learn from this so as to stop putting out broken, crappy games. Just saying.

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JJShredder1479d ago

Game looks amazing! However, I will probably just try the PS+ version as I just don't see this game overtaking Forza H2 as MY preferred racing game.

They delay was't too big of a deal for me but they really should of released it at least a month before FH2 IMO.

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