Blu-ray Supporters Target Xmas Shoppers With HD Ads.

To help boost the Blu-ray disc format by Christmas, the main Blu-ray supporters including 20th Century Fox, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Sony and Warner Bros. have worked with the marketing agency SicolaMartin to produce an advertisement in High Definition designed to target high definition viewers over the shopping period in preparation for Christmas. This 30 second commercial advertisement features movie clips of popular titles with theatre-quality sound to help show off the features that Blu-ray has to offer.

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SuperSaiyan44372d ago

I mean its only £1000 for a Blu-Ray player and present Blu-Ray movies are only using the awesome MPEG-2 format...
OR we could get the Toshiba HD-DVD player for around £500 which uses a next gen format for its movies known as VC-1...Emmm I wonder what I would go for...

Marty83704372d ago

Whilst early Blu-ray movies did use MPEG-2.The latest movies are using MPEG-4 & VC-1.Also now the PS3 is out.PS3 costing $499-599 makes it an affordable way to get a Blu-ray player.

BIadestarX4372d ago

I give kudos to Sony for advertising blu-ray as much as they are doing. It's almost as HD-DVD supporters don't care if HD-DVD wins. You don't hear much about HD-DVD.

Arkham4372d ago

...I think Blu-Ray will have a tougher time earning mindshare due to the name, and will have to do a lot more top-notch advertising than the HD-DVD camp.

Superior format or not, the struggle for both sides comes down to the number of installed units, not technology.