South Africa PlayStation Plus Gets a 53% Price Hike

MWEB GameZone writes:

Starting from 1 October 2014 South African PlayStation Plus Fees Increase:

1 month's subscription was R69, increased to R99 = 43% increase
3 month's subscription was R145, increased to R219 = 51% increase
12 month's subscription was R489, increased to R749 = 53% increase

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plut0nash1477d ago

Ridiculous price increase. How long were they holding this off?

ABizzel11476d ago

That's horrible.

The best thing to do is simply make another account like a US account, and buy PS+ codes codes from Amazon, since PS+ work across the sub-accounts.

HanCilliers1477d ago

Yip, Sony notified PS Plus members via email about the increase

francisjairam161477d ago

Oh boy I don't know how the Sony fans are going to react to this.

WitWolfy1477d ago

I literately got to work yesterday and received the email!!!

I'm not that upset because of the hike, I'm just upset that they only told us hours before 1 OCT.

Thats a very douchebag move!

GabeSA1477d ago

And they have the audacity to say its a SLIGHT INCREASE. Maybe in conversion rates, but its ridiculous.

Sillicur1477d ago

Wow this is terrible news for Playstation owners in South Africa, massive increase :(

Secretariat1477d ago

Can't you still buy card codes from the U.S. on amazon or something?

Torque_CS_Lewith1477d ago

Yes you can. There's a bunch of tutorials on SA Gamer on how to do this plus also buy cheaper than local PSN store games with a US account.

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The story is too old to be commented.