DRIVECLUB Wheel Support Announced, Disappointment Follows

Information detailing which wheel peripherals will be supported for DRIVECLUB has been released. The results were less than satisfactory.

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pwnsause_returns1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

that sucks for g27 guys. wheels these days cost as much as a console and there are people out there that take their driving in games seriously.

speaking of which, how are the thrustmaster wheels like, i know they make good products, but compared to the g27, how are their wheels like, how much deadzone does it have? hows the quality build like..etc

opoikl1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I've upgraded from a DFGT to the T500 RS, and it's literally day and night. The former -though undeniably better than a controller- feels like a plastic toy, whereas the latter literally makes my palms sweat.

I read somewhere that GT6 was patched and since then the FFB got automatically dialed back. But yesterday I tried The Crew beta with the Thrustmaster wheel and when the cops bump into your car in the opening mission, your arms really get a work-out I wasn't expecting. It makes you hold on for your dear life, the shock alone can be felt through your entire body. I guess that's why the wheel comes with a disclaimer never to put your fingers through its openings, because it could easily break them while calibrating on start-up.

But while you've got all this extra power at your fingertips, the smoothness really is something else. If you make an unfortunate turn in a corner, the DFGT requires a series of corrections to put the car back on the perfect trajectory, while the T500 RS (with its zero dead zone) gives you 1:1 control over the spinning car and I've found that in most cases I managed to keep the car from spinning out just because the wheel allows you to keep control of the car at all times. And if you're playing a sim, you really need to be able to act in a split second.

I've tried the G27 only once in a store, but it leans toward the DFGT rather than it does to the Thrustmaster T500 RS.

Akuma2K1479d ago

The Thrustmaster racing wheel works with the crew beta ???!!!!

I'm in the crew beta and I have the Thrustmaster T-80 wheel and i thought the racing wouldn't work with the beta and had to wait for the retail game to use it.

Skate-AK1479d ago

The wheel doesn't have a FFB sensitivity setting?

opoikl1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I'm sorry, I should've mentioned I couldn't get the turning to work, but the pedals and FFB did their job in The Crew. I assumed I was doing something wrong :). I even tried turning off my dualshock, but then the game gave me a notification that I wasn't signed in to my online account.

And yes, you have FFB settings in GT, but I have it on max settings (10) and when I hit a wall sideways in GT, it's not half as strong as what I felt during The Crew. As I said, it really took me by surprise since I had no clue whatsoever the wheel was so powerful coming from GT6.

n1kki61479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I like my 458 Italia better than the g27 that I had but it does get more expensive to add the pedals and the shifter. I have a first impression and unboxing on YouTube.

I've now used it for about 10 hours on horizon and 20+ on 5. The g27 I had over 150 hours probably.

As it sits I can't speak to long term use.

Edit I should note I prefer the wheel base and force feedback better. Its also quieter.

ikkokucrisis1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

So far my G27 hasn't been compatible with any PS4 or Xbox racing game I'd like to play :(

Not sure why it can't be supported, as it works really great with driving sims like Gran Turismo on the PS3.

Mega241479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I've read in some forums, that there's no support due to Logitech giving up on driving wheels, supposedly they are not functioning properly because of some chip. Don't know if this is true or not, but its a shame.

Skate-AK1479d ago

The chip is a cop out. Logitech just doesn't want to continue to support wheels.

n1kki61478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I agree, I think logitech has an out and they are taking it. That said. I got 180 for my g27 and was able to get a 358 tx for 330 on amazon. THe ps4 wheel will be 400, but it's seems like it's worth the upgrade from the reviews i have watched. It was certainly worth it to me. Like I said above, if I like drive club I might get both wheels now, but the majority of my time will be spent with Forza 5 and Forza H2 for the forseable future unless drive club is that good. I will wait on demos for the upcoming racing games, but will buy any Gran Turismo without question. Even if they just release GT6

tlougotg1479d ago

Yeah Sony and Evolution are being %icks on this one, there is no reason those other wheels shouldnt be supported. I bet my life they had a meeting and said "well to drive sales lets not make most wheels compatible so ppl have to buy new ones" Thats that corporate thinking. Same reason Vita suffered with those expensive proprietary cards smfh.

lsujester1479d ago

Personally, I think it's more Sony than Evolution. There's rhetoric about security chips and all from them and Logitech, but I'm more willing to bet that Sony got some money from Thrustmaster for exclusive support. Evolution is likely just stuck playing the hand that Sony gave them. Probably gonna be the same story with Project CARS.

WeAreLegion1479d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

But Sony isn't actually selling wheels. So, why would they care?

Edit: You...are kind. :) Bubble for helpful.

tlougotg1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Good point, i wasnt sure if Sony had their own brand of wheels or not. Thanks fro the input.

Bubble for insightful.

Iceball20001479d ago

This is disappointing! I have a G27 and its a good alaround wheel. No need for an other wheel. Iv looked into it and I guess the G27 and other Logitech wheels don't have a "security chip" that is required by Sony and Microsoft. But that's no excuse, have a firmware update or a chip that we can buy for like $5-$10 that plugs in between the wheel and console. But I am certain that if there's enough backlash that there will be a firmware update to allow the wheels that were previously officially licensed products of the PlayStation 3.

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