27 New Disgaea 5 Screens & Art Show More Characters, Special Moves, Locations

Nippon Ichi Software has sent out new screenshots and artwork images of its upcoming PS4-exclusive tactical RPG, Disagea 5.

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knifefight1479d ago

I love a good strat RPG. This one looks fun as heck, per Disgaea usual.

3-4-51478d ago

We need more of them honestly...not enough and most are really fun.

Enjoying the heck out of Disgaea 4 right now for Vita.

Cant' wait until D2 and eventually this get to Vita.

knifefight1478d ago

If it goes to Vita they'll have to make cuts though (Vita would require fewer characters on screen, so it'll affect the layouts of battles and stuff), so I'm getting it for PS4. I want the full experience as it was originally envisioned. That's just me though. Too bad cause Disgaea is so good portable.