PS Vita firmware 3.30 available, no official announce yet

Sony announced a few hours ago that Vita Firmware 3.30, which will support themes on the Vita, would be made available sometime today.

Reports are now coming that the Firmware is already available. Sony's site still lists 3.18 as the latest firmware

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Mikey322301475d ago

The Web Browser was updated.

It scored 291 points on FW3.18 and after updating to FW 3.30 The browser scored a whopping 345 points.

This is based on

rarity1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Just finished installing. It I've no idea where you buy the themes :/ I guess they haven't put them on the PS store yet.

vergilxx31476d ago

Yeah we need to wait until they update psn which is tomorrow

Bytor1475d ago

There's two free ones in new releases.

Lord_Kaname1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

*Clap* clap* clap*. Journalists these days copying and pasting someone's article. Pathetic.

GdaTyler1476d ago

You can't change background music yourself. Way to mislead us, Sony.

Insomnia_841476d ago

I just updated and the description of the update didn't say anything like that. What are you yapping about???

Does anybody know where to get the themes?

GdaTyler1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Before you all disagree me to hell, actually install the update first yourself and look for the options to change the music. You will find that you can't and that it only changes with the theme you purchased. It WAS misleading, but I guess I will take the heat for something that is not my fault. I'm just trying to inform, but I guess you can't do that around here safely.

@Insomnia_84 That's what I'm talking about. They can say one thing and in reality it's not entirely true. People thought they could add their own custom MP3's as their background music. You will see why you can't change the background music to your own in due time.

AntsPai1476d ago

Yeah no idea where to get themes :/ Wonder if there are any secrets in this update.

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