DSOGaming - Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor - PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor was a highly anticipated game. A couple of months ago, Monolith surprised everyone with the game’s PC requirements. And if that wasn’t enough, just mere days prior to its release, the team claimed that the game would need huge amounts of VRAM in order to be enjoyed even at High settings. So, after the controversy surrounding its enormous PC requirements, it’s time to see how this bad boy performs on the PC platform."

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starchild1477d ago

This game is very well optimized on the processor side of things and not overly demanding on the GPU side of things. It's decently demanding, as most open world games are, but I can still achieve 60fps on my overclocked GTX 770 by turning down ambient occlusion. I can also use "high" textures just fine even though I only have 2GB of VRAM.

ravensly1477d ago

lol an gtx 750 ti plays it at high setting with above 40fps+

don't believe me ?