The Totally Real Reason Kingdom Hearts 3 Has Taken So Long To Make

Claudia writes, "Square Enix finally announced Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 2013 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems. The collective sigh of relief heard ‘round the world was probably even enough to wake Sora up since we all know he’s usually sleeping or something. So the big question on everyone’s minds aside from 'Holy crap when is this game coming out?!' was likely 'What took Square Enix so long?' Well friends, I have an answer for you."


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jujubee881479d ago

Man, that Simple and clean song is stuck in my head. Sorry, I know it probably has nothing to do with this but I just had to say that. :P

BLuTheSecond1479d ago

This is the totally real reason Kingdom Hearts 3 has taken so long to make: Japanese Developers.

jmac531479d ago

Specifically Square Enix as developers.

Eonjay1479d ago

Kingdom Hearts has one of the most inexplicably complex plots in gaming.

I just assumed they got lost in their own lore and couldn't come up with a logical conclusion. But its okay. We just want to play the game.

TheLyonKing1479d ago

It's really easy to follow of you have played all the games. You don't need to do extra reading (like ff 13), it's not overly convoluted like mgs series and they haven't tried to be clever and make non connecting games connect like zelda series.

fitfox1479d ago

hopefully to work on the combat system lulz.

DallasTrout1479d ago

Birth By Sleep actually had a pretty cool combat system. Hopefully elements of it get ported over to Kingdom Hearts 3.

Dontworrybhappy1479d ago

Yea, imma believe a title like that.

Alicornium1479d ago

"totally real"
Trying too hard.

It's taken so long because it's an incredibly intricate game; fans have a high standard for the main installments...

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