Driveclub’s Jab Against Forza Shows that the Console War is Rubbing Off on Publishers the Wrong Way

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been alternating demonstration of respect and fair play with mild jabs for years, since the times of the legendary Crash Bandicoot vs Mario commercial, yet things have never been as heated as with this new generation, at least between Sony and Microsoft, with the jabs starting to be rather harsh and frequent.

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Cindy-rella2454d ago

gaming media actually took a jab against forza

Abriael2454d ago

The trailer wasn't created or published by the gaming media.

GTgamer2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

So? they used a Quote that VGA24/7 said not like EVO said it or made it up look it already got that a bunch of gamers going good marketing I say.
come on guys MS/Sony be having commercials saying better with Xbox or Sony saying best place to play, you guys wanna know the difference DC didn't make up that Quote it was a compliment from a journalist I remember resistance had a commercial where it said better than halo from a another journalist.

Where did I say someone was forced to do it all I said it was good marketing and companies did it before and tbh I didn't notice cars colored until said it in the YouTube Comment section. and dude I know you ain't talking your articles be breeding fanboy wars dude you wrote this talking about the jab we already know this gonna be one of the most heated article by the end of the day be honest you love this stuff gain them clicks while you can.

Abriael2454d ago



Journalists say a lot of things. No one held whatever marketer storyboarded the trailer at gunpoint to make him include *that* quote, nor to make him top it up with appropriately colored cars ramming one another.

Cupid_Viper_32454d ago

Yea that's some poor taste for sure. Sure you're competitors, but blatantly putting that in a promo is a little crass in my opinion.

Besides, Forza is not even the top selling racer/Sim on consoles, so why would it need killing. "______ killer" is a term reserved for top selling games of a specific genre, for example: GTA killer, CoD killer, Halo Killer,Gran Turismo Killer, Mario Killer, etc.

When did Forza join that group?

Xsilver2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

@abriael "Ultimately, this kind of stunt, most probably coming straight from the desk of some overeager marketer that has never written a line of code in his life and thought he had a brilliant idea"

Why So Damn Serious Bruh like come on insulting someone for what a little light Jab SMFH it's not even a Xbox fan had a response like that to the trailers.

Eonjay2454d ago

I think you are overreacting and shining a spotlight on something that most people have already forgot about.

It is not that serious. And nothing is more offensive to our sensibilities than gaming media and nothing else has worked harder to split up gamers.

PeaSFor2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

could be worst, like peoples working at Turn10 being busted on GAF shitting on GT as unbiased normal users...

dat professionalism/integrity..

Gaming247allday2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Forza is a more fleshed out franchise, Driveclub has some proving to do, its a little bit arrogant on Sony's side of things, if it was GT it would of been better suited, but Driveclub needs to prove itself as more than just a pretty Game in my opinion to hold a light against Forza

Let's let the reviews do the talking on this one Sony

Ashlen2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Wow. I wanna start by saying I like your site and respect the work you do but...

This is one of the worst articles you have done.

Your taking it WAY to seriously, and whats worse is you have had your fair share of click-bait articles and titles in the past so it comes off as a bit hypocritical.

Anyways keep up the good work.

IrishSt0ner2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

@PeaSFor - link, evidence? That's a serious accusation, it'd defintely change my mind on Turn 10 if you can back that up.

SilentNegotiator2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

With all of the things Turn 10 have said over the years, they can take a simple competitive jab (which is just a quote from a publication).

Mr_Writer852454d ago Show
Why o why2454d ago

I didn't like it when turn 10 were taking jabs at PD last gen...I dont like it now. Leave that stuff to us.

Gazondaily2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

No idea why people are disagreeing with Abriael. He's spot on.

Not that I mind all this rivalry. It makes things interesting. Now dry your eyes lads and bring it on!

Volkama2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

I remember when the first Killzone came out. Going into shops was still a thing people did back in those days, and Virgin Megastore had a tonne of posters up for the game. Those posters had a media quote claiming the game was Sony's "Halo killer".

It was a nice reminder that Halo is awesome. I doubt Microsoft will be too upset to see Sony talking up another one of their IPs here either.

UltraNova2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

@ Giuseppe

Let me ask you an honest question, do you really believe that this was Evolution Studios idea or some marketing suit within Sony?

Taking 'broad spectrum' jabs at each other (Sony/MS)is fun for the most part (remember those PC Vs Apple ads?) and I love that. But when things get _specific_ that's going too far. Calling your game a killer of another is too much.

However, as some others above already pointed out, this has happened before and no one complaint like this.(ex. Turn 10 bashing GT games)

mcarsehat2454d ago

"No one held whatever marketer storyboarded the trailer at gunpoint to make him include *that* quote"

Yes they do, that is how trailers are made, how can that not seem true????

Mr Pumblechook2454d ago

There's nothing wrong with reporting this, but the way it's reported has a touch of flamebait about it.

Patrick_pk442454d ago

@Abriael Based on your logic, it probably would have been better if it quoted, "worse than forza, buy that now!". It is a goddamn competition child.

donthate2454d ago

In a backwards way, Sony essentially just admitted that Forza series is great, and the developer is aspiring to be better.

Ironically, this is positive PR for Forza being legitimized and DriveClub needing to prove itself.

In essence not classy, especially for a game delayed a year!

speedforce1312454d ago

Abriel you're an idiot. Apparently you were missing from 2005-2013 where Microsoft constantly barraged Sony with smear campaign after smear campaign after smear campaign (and it's still going). All of a sudden, it's wrong for Sony or their developers to do now? This isn't even as bad as Microsoft. It's tame by comparison. To top it all off you wrote a whole article on it and published it on N4G? What a joke.

Anon19742454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

So, if I understand this correctly, this guy has an issue because he disagrees with someone else's opinion that was used as one of a few quotes in the trailer? So what? Companies shouldn't be allowed to use quotes from other media sources in their promotion unless you personally agree with that quote?

And what, you just slept through all the non-stop noise and chest thumping Turn 10 engaged in over the years?

What a steaming pile of nonsense.

360ICE2454d ago

Small dogs have always barked at the bigger dogs. Forza takes jabs at GT all the time. Not saying that that's totally fine. I'd prefer if developers kept a civil tone and respected each other, but I'm actually more concerned about the gaming media's sometimes compulsive need to use the console war to generate hype.

gootimes2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

I guess all the bull crap and jaw flapping Turn 10 has done about Gran Turismo gets a fee pass from Xbox fanboys now. hmm

Christopher2454d ago

Abriael you're just running this for the sake of hits and creating more drama out of it.

Comments like this are used all the time. Usually they're made in comparison to third party games. Make it about first-party games and suddenly there's drama.

Good job on getting the clicks.

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geddesmond2454d ago

Sensitivity 101. Gamers need to man up and stop being a bunch of gaming B holes. Winners will always brag and losers will always cry. Human nature. If your a person that got upset about this then you really need to take a step back and Analise yourself. What exactly are you annoyed at.

If Forza 2 horizon is all that then why would you get upset. You have the game in your hand don't you? Isn't that all that matters?

aragon2453d ago

honestly i dont see what the big deal is. its called marketing and dear author u are marketing driveclu with this article so the ad has served its purpose. however vg247 should be worried about driveclub killing forza or they will lose credibility in future previews and reviews.

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Kribwalker2454d ago

Funny, I remember when they said Killzone was a halo killer.....

specialguest2454d ago

Killzone killed nothing but itself. It has gotten less impressive with every new entry. It's not even a graphically top tier like the past games.

Blueponder2453d ago

Driveclub cant kill anything before its released anyway, and I doubt the current release date

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Hardcore_gamerxbox2454d ago

Not gaming media Sony fan boys did

Blaze9292454d ago Show
2454d ago
Dannylew2454d ago ShowReplies(1)
3-4-52454d ago

Either way....both games are good.

Xb1ps42453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Lmfao! The blue car and green car is funny...

Can't wait till this game releases to see if it delivers!

It's got big shoe to fill already.. Dc not being open world and all, it better have variety to no end, it's going to need that burnout touch to it..

Pogmathoin2453d ago

Forza is on X1, DriveClub is on PS4..... Whats the issue then?

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nicksetzer12454d ago

Sadly, I highly doubt it will "kill" anything. Guess we will see in a few days.

Abriael2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Why "sadly?"

I'd be sad if it killed something. Not that it'll happen. Games aren't killed by other games.

JoGam2454d ago

I'm sorry for some reason your comment made me think about MAG. Miss that game. smh.

Mega242454d ago

As much as I want DC to succeed (but not kill, FH2 has the advantage. FM has always had the advantage when it came to GT and other racers, it was the customization and liberty of being unique with the paint jobs, and vehicle mods. Main reason I'm still a fan of forza, but I stayed at FM4 because I gots no X1.

lifeisgamesok2454d ago

Yeah I doubt this ends up better than Forza Horizon 2

That game is getting rave reviews from people that don't even like racing games

Driveclub should be decent though the graphics during some parts are great

MeliMel2454d ago

The graphics a great thru out not some parts..

ger23962454d ago

So why aren't you playing it?

MasterCornholio2454d ago

It doesn't need to kill anything it just needs to be a good game which is the most important thing.

KiwiViper852454d ago

I wonder what Gran Turismo devs are thinking right now.

GTgamer2454d ago

Gran Turismo is one of the best selling Racers the devs don't have to think anything :/

OOMagnum2454d ago

True but Forza is the higher rated series.

FITgamer2454d ago

@magnum No it isn't. GT has metacritic and sales locked down.

DaGamingKing2454d ago

GT was knocked off its perch officially with Forza 4 and its remained that way ever since. Your a fool to beleive otherwise.

Battlefieldlover2454d ago

You are... You're. I can only imagine a "fool" getting something like that wrong.

MasterCornholio2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )


If you look at metacritic Forza 5 has a score of 79 while GT6 has a score of 81. And in terms of sales, Forza 5 sold 1.5 million copies while GT6 sold 2.49 million copies.

I dont understand why you make claims that Forza 5 destroyed Gran Turismo when that isn't the case.

They are both great franchises that cater to different audiences.

starrman19852454d ago

Forza 2, 3 and 4 all quite clearly lead over GT5+6. GT was amazing back on PS1+2 but lost its charm last generation. Forza 5 was really more of high res stripped down version of 4, it deserved a lower score as it's not really a true representation of what Turn 10 can achieve.

scorpian0072454d ago

@MasterCornholio Not a fair comparison as Forza 5 was on a new gen console with a much smaller install base whereas GT6 was on PS3 with 80m+ install base.

Look at Forza 4's sales vs GT6's and you have a more apples to apples comparison

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Riderz13372454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Live feed of Kazunori Yamauchi in his office right now.

*Replace woody harrelson with Kaz*

Volkama2454d ago

*Replace office with Opium Den*

At least I assume that's why GT games have such a lengthy dev cycle!

TekKing2454d ago

GT already killed Forza. Let someone else have a turn.

KiwiViper852454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Then why didn't they say "GT Killer" Saying Forza Killer implies that Forza is the top dog, and the franchise to beat.

SoapShoes2454d ago

Because Forza is an easier target.

OOMagnum2454d ago

Again for you Gt fans Forza is the higher rated series. Shit before 6 you guys didnt even have real physics it was all bumper cars.

FanMan2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

@ OOMagnum, forza 5 has a metacritic of 79 while gt6 has a metacritic of 81.

looking at the highest rated from any of the titles, gt has a 96 which is higher than any of forza's.

further, if you look at average scores of all forza games vs gt games, gt averages at 89.6 while forza has an average of 88.8. tell me again how forza is rated higher?

remixx1162454d ago

Because sony owns GT, why would EVO attack them.

Xsilver2454d ago

@Kiwiviper85 Why Would Sony want someone to Put GT Killer Dude Sony doesn't want their own Franchises to Kill each other Forza is on the competitors machine that's why VGA24/7 said Forza killer.

OOMagnum2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Hey Fanman, we can look at this any way you want forza wins. If you add up all the games from ps2 era and up (when forza was out) it comes out to 87.8>85.8 in favor of forza. If you even want to go way back to help gran turismo out with Gt1 (when there was no xbox let alone forza)its 88.8>88.2 in favor of forza.Theres been only one Forza game lower than a 90 and its 5 with a 79, while gt has 4 games under 90. So i suggest you learn averages before you disagree. Now of course Gt1 has a 96 thats ps1 era and it was the first of its kind but even with that it doesnt touch forza in averages, let alone physics or customization (both exotic paint art or car customization or online and these are staples in forza from inception). Shit like i said i dont know how any of the Gt games before 6 was considered simulation when the physics was none existent (you can literally play bumper cars and bump people off of the road with no penalty to your car). I counted every disc game, if you decide to go back and find out how wrong you are. Now disagree away as everything ive said and always say is fact, guess the truth does hurt.

FanMan2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

@ OOMagnum

my averages are not wrong. i was only including the main series. not prologue not hd concept and not the psp version because those are not the main iterations of the game. basing it off that, gran turismo is rated higher.

and even if you do use those averages that include HD and prologue, that does not discount that the latest and most up-to-date versions of both, gt has a better rating. so you can disagree all you want, but your point of forza being rated higher in your original comment isnt even correct basing off the latest version of each game.

and since you are hung up on scores lower than 90, and the fact that gt has more, you should also take note that gt has none below 80, while forza does making it the lowest scoring of any in both series. truth hurts.

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qwerty6762454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

kind of a low blow i guess

but it doesn't even make sense

a track racer vs an open world racer completely different things.

but why didnt they allow early reviews of this game like forza did? lack of confidence?

KiwiViper852454d ago

I think they're referring to FM5 rather than FH2.

qwerty6762454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

its going to kill a game that came out a year ago? or the forza franchise as a whole?

what does that make GT then? that's already a well established circuit racer that's competing against forza.

driveclub seems like the odd man out and doesn't have its own identity, unless this game blows us away people will associate it with a lesser version of GT.

in my opinion they should have made driveclub an open world racer. and have GT as their circuit racer.

so when someone hears "driveclub" they'll think "thats sonys exclusive open world racer" not "oh thats a game like GT"

GodGinrai2454d ago

"I think they're referring to FM5 rather than FH2."

Either way, Im not sure why they would compare DC to FM5. FM5 is a sim with that golden physics model, and intimate handling feel.As a sim, FM5 has a depth that DC, cannot match, because its cars require mastery of real driving techniques, as well as a good grasp of how suspension/engine/gearbox tuning works.