Sorry Europe, No Metal Gear Database For You

Kotaku writes: "If you're European, and ran to your PS3 this morning, clawing like a madman for the Metal Gear database that Japan and the US got, you'll no doubt already be sitting in a puddle of your own anguish, wondering aloud why SCEE couldn't follow suit and make it part of this week's downloads..."

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ice_prophecy3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

I get the sensation that Kotaku likes to pick my scabs or kick me while I'm down. >.> I AM WELL AWARE THAT I GOT GIPED BY SCEE AGAIN, PLEASE DON'T SPELL IT TO ME! .... bastards.


lol. Sometimes I wish the world was globalised into one Federation. Would make my life easier(yes I am purposefully being short sighted and idioticly selfish).

ps: I am not from Europe. I am from Kangaroo and Koala Haven, an adjunct to Europe through the Commonwealth System *vomits*

RememberThe3573825d ago

Agreed. I live in the states but I can see what your talking about.

kwicksandz3825d ago

Sony Europe doesnt deserve the love we PAL gamers give them. They sh1t on us over and over and we just keep on taking it. The ps3 would be in alot worse position if it wasnt for Europe but they still treat us like a minor market.

But hey we get crisis core... next month >.<

Gish3825d ago

Hell atleast you got the cool marsupials... Us in the USA get ugly ass Oppossum's. I had to go to your continent to find a good one.

Bonsai12143825d ago

its probably something as simple as they didn't want to translate it into the 5 languages that mgs4 released in over there.

Jack Meahoffer3825d ago

Its clear (to me anyway) that Europe is the most important market for Sony this generation. Why they wouldn't put more effort in for stuff like this is beyond me. Yeah there are a bunch of languages but come on. Europeans love Sony products... I'd say its worth the extra effort.

Japan is a very small market compared to North America and Europe. Its going to be hard for PS3 to catch the 360 in the North America anytime soon so Europe should get a lot of focus as its now the biggest market and fertile ground for Sony expansion.

Godoftheweek3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

If we are to expand as a species and continue for millennia, we MUST go from a Type 0 civilization to a Type 1 civilization. Most scientists agree that we are very close to becoming a Type 1 civilization. (about 50-100 years away)

Many things have to happen 1st INCLUDING 1 primary language. English is becoming and will be that language. Other languages will still be spoken in home countries but everyone will use English as their 1st language.

Organized religion (not spirituality) MUST go the way of the Dodo or we will continue to commit horrible atrocities against one another while the "Old Men in Robes" plot and scheme the destruction of the human race with their Doomsday prophesies.

Fossil fuel consumption must end. Water energy (HHO), nuclear fusion, matter anti-matter energy has to be the way forward (1 teaspoon of anti-matter is enough fuel to get us to the nearest star about 4 lightyears away) if we are to ever get out of our own backyard.

I hope to live long enough to witness this historical transformation of the human race from a hateful, wardriven, wasteful civilization to a civilization that looks to expand our knowledge and take our place in the Milky Way as one of what are sure to be thousands of Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 civilizations.

The EU is the start of this global unity that I hope will spread across Mother Earth.

It's either that....or we annihilate ourselves over who's God(s) is better.

COME ON SCEE, stop Kayrapping all over your loyal customers. It's like you went to the George "dubya" Bush or Jar jar Vader school of how to build and maintain a successful business.


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Shadow Flare3825d ago

This is just adding to the continual list of why i hate SCEE

BulletToothtony3825d ago

but i do think that he should be pushing a little hard to be on par with the us..

And more important he always says something very stupid in most interviews...

I feel bad for my UK buddies too, i have a lot of friend from there i'm in Florida thou.. but sony should open it's eyes cause Europe is such a big and important part of the ps3 that they should really take good care of them.

4cough3825d ago

SCEE is run by windowlickers.

NO_PUDding3825d ago


Bubbles, even if it was a fanboy comment.

Silogon3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

Anyone else a bit let down by the "Data Base"? I mean, it just hangs out on our XMB's it's tacky. I wish it was a true add on and actually attached itself to some of that 5 gb install or 1 gb save data. Please. It also doesn't do much but makes you sift thru a bunch of text. I'd love to have had 3-d renders of the characters and voice overs and all that. A shame, really. Hell, not even 3d renders, just 2-d hand drawn ones.

mindedone3825d ago

There ARE 2d hand drawn pictures of characters.

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