D4 is 'Never' Coming to PS4

Those waiting for a PS4 port of Access Game's D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die are out of luck, but don't rule out other consoles.

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xHeavYx2212d ago

Maybe they'll pull a Mass Effect?

MrSwankSinatra2212d ago

D4 wouldn't even work properly on PS4 due to it being a Kinect game.

Transporter472212d ago

The playstation camera is pretty good. Why can't that one be used?

xHeavYx2212d ago

Oh, ok, I know nothing about the game, I'm just saying that it's not the first time that an exclusive game would make it into the rival console.
By the way I just checked some gameplay videos and stuff, it's not a "Kinect game", as you can play it without it

CaptainYesterday2212d ago

@MrSwankSinatra you can also play it with a controller.

TomShoe2212d ago

Pretty obvious it won't come to PS4, Microsoft funded the game.

Whether Swery or MS owns the IP determines if we'll get a PC port. It looks like a fun, quirky game.

GTgamer2212d ago

The sales for D4 are rumored to be terrible which is a shamesince the game is getting allot love from the people who played it.

Eonjay2212d ago

Wasn't it discovered that only 6000 copies were sold?

ABizzel12212d ago

The game was sent to die, there was no real media build up for it until release, no marketing for it, and it hasn't had reviews on a mass scale that I've seen.

mikeslemonade2212d ago

After playing D4 it's overated. I rather play Beyond or Heavy Rain or Indigo Prophecy. You can't even more your character in real time. PS4 only owners aren't missing anything!

Accountclosed2212d ago

@mikeslemonade Yeah lol, this game is actually great. Your just a angry PlayStation fanboy who didn't actually get the game. Great plot, great characters, and fun gameplay. I played through the whole game and had a blast. That being said however, I do wish this game was releasing on ps4 and pc. The game is great and I hope as many people as possible can play it.

Gaming247allday2212d ago


To be fair Swery said he wanted to pull an Apple and release the Game unannounced after he showed it to everyone at TGS though

Visiblemarc2212d ago

That, and sales for D4 are so low right now, it's unclear if it's too unpopular to port or if porting it might be worth the gamble to potentially earn back dev costs...

Either way it looks intriguing, too bad it's gotten so little marketing.

PeaSFor2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Swery should give himself a chance.....but thats just too bad, D4 will be a flop 'Forever' then.

will keep my finger crossed to see a special edition on ps4, deadly premonition did end up on the ps3 after all.

Gamer19822211d ago

"The playstation camera is pretty good. Why can't that one be used? " get a copy of just dance 2014 and find out yourself.. Its a decent cam but its not got full motion controls built in like Kinect. Saying that Sony dont try to push crappy Kinect features down your throat or Kinect games. you just get the cool voice commands with Sonys cam.

MrSwankSinatra2211d ago

@Transporter47 the PS camera is no where near the ability of the Kinect 2.0.

nunley332211d ago

No loss at all, big yawn. I liked the original D & D2 though.

avengers19782211d ago

I was always under the impression that this was a XB1 exclusive game...
I also knew it wouldn't get great sales as it's not the type of game a lot of people would be interested in... It will probably free with games with gold in the next year

system222211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )


The kinect actually builds a 3 dimensional space and tracks depth and movement along with hand/finger movement, spatial relationships, facial tracking and a floor plane as well as creates simple rigged skeletons of tracked players (it can see where your joints bend etc). The playstation camera simply just does optical tracking and facial recognition (hence those big lights on the ds4) so its not nearly as sophisticated - i believe it can detect a floor plane though (which is good).

before anybody accuses me and burns me at the stake for trolling, I'm not saying its better or taking sides - just simply stating facts about differences in technology. theres a reason one costs $200 and one costs $60.

Dasteru2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )


Kinect 2.0 = 1920x1080 single lens @ 30fps, FOV 70

PS4 Eye = 1280x720 dual 3D lenses @ 60fps, FOV 85.

Kinect 2.0 is nothing special hardware wise, it is comparable to a $40-50 logitech webcam. It is all in the software which Sony could easily replicate if they wanted to.


Everything you described there besides the depth sensor, is handled on the software side. The PS4 Eyes 3D lenses are capable of superior depth detection.

ma1asiah2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

@MrSwankSinatra you have the option of either Kinect or controller, though for those that choose controller, you loose a lot of the immersion playing this way. Despite youtube dougnuts like NukemDukem etc trying to say it is another Kinect fail, - Go FN calibrate your friggen Kinect, which you are supposed to do anytime you unplug or move the Kinect.

The game is friggen amazing, and for the person who states that you can't move your character in real time ummm ever heard of games from Telltale studios Walking Dead etc. D4 follows the same format as it is an episodic who done it adventure game.

So far D4 is only a prologue and episodes 1 and 2. Despite slow sales the game is getting reasonably good to great reviews, it has a current metacritic score of 77 based on 26 gaming media site reviews.

Swery from Access Games has stated many times on Twitter that this game will not come to D4 in fact in 1 of his tweets he said he would be happy for D4 to come to the PS4 after Unchartered comes to the XB1. So from the horses mouth it is a definite no.

The game for me personally is amazing and really believe over time this games will grow some mighty big legs and move on up from obscurity, here's hoping at least.

I am more than happy to stream/broadcast D4 for anyone who disbeleives that D4 is the best game released so far when using Kinect. It is the most responsive and most fluid game to utilize the Kinect.

You don't have to stand, you can sit. The gesture's are very subtle and not the complete waving your arms wildly in the air like a crazy person. There are parts that also use voice commands and voice interaction.

I have played the game with both controller and Kinect and woould choose Kinect over controller everytime in respect of this game. When using a controller the experience somehow feels diluted and uses a lot of its charm, just saying

ma1asiah2211d ago

@ myself

opps this comment

"Swery from Access Games has stated many times on Twitter that this game will not come to D4 (correction should read PS4 not D4)

PraxxtorCruel2211d ago

Yet again PS fanboys starting petitions or bombarding twitter/facebook to get exclusive games on XBOX onto PS4. You don't see that happening the other way around.

legionsoup2211d ago

I got an Xbone at launch, so I have kinect. But I'll never buy anything for that system that uses it. Ever. Gimmicks make games suck.

ziggurcat2211d ago


right. because the PS camera couldn't possibly do motion controls or voice comma... oh, wait... it can.

PeaSFor2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

i purchased the kinect ONLY for Child Of Eden last gen, if i see something i like with the kinect 2.0 i will buy it gimmick or not.

are you lost little fanboy?

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True_Samurai2212d ago

Wasn't the only reason mass effect came to ps was because EA bought bioware and ms sold the rights of the first game to them?

GribbleGrunger2212d ago

Damn, and I was so looking forward to it ...

Gazondaily2211d ago

You could get a Xbox One? ;)

annoyedgamer2211d ago

keep repeating these imaginary scenarios.. Bioware owned Mass Efeect IP. EA BOUGHT Bioware and got the IP then it went multiplatform.

ThunderPulse2211d ago

4-5 years later no one will care.

nX2211d ago

I actually don't care right now, just came here for the flame war.

geddesmond2211d ago

This is the first time hearing about this game and my thoughts are? so. Doubt I would have bought it anyway.

XanderZane2211d ago

I feel the same way about Octodad. That can stay exclusive on the PS4. I'll never buy that crap.

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lelo2play2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Game looks interesting. Likely get this game when I purchase a X1.

Redgehammer2211d ago

It's crazy fun, and the Kinect integration is excellent IMO.

gangsta_red2212d ago

Very awesome game, love the absolute zaniness of the game. Xbox needs more of these types of titles.

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FITgamer2212d ago

I know nothing about the game. I remember them announcing it last year and that's the last i heard about it.