Reeves: PS3 to Sell Over 100 Million Units

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has said he still expects the PlayStation 3 to sell over 100 million units worldwide this generation, and that the PlayStation Network will be key to the console's future.

"The PS3 install base is growing faster than PS2's was at this point in its lifecycle," Reeves told trade magazine Develop.

"We see the future in the video games industry, certainly in terms of software sales, as continuing to grow – new markets, new demographics, and new games appealing to new sectors of the industry," he continued.

"And the key to the future is the PlayStation Network. Games put straight onto the PSN are the big opportunity."

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PoSTedUP3956d ago

and vice versa : )

history repeats itself.

sonys gonna drop a bomb on the competition just like they've done in the past : )

- happy gaming!

RememberThe3573956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

I read it so here you go...

Edit: What the hell are you disagreein with? I'm trying to be nice here, sh*t...

Ben10543956d ago

don't beg for Bubbles, if i see someone with low bubbles i normally give them one if they make an ok comment.
i think it will sell over 100mil because its selling faster than the ps3 and still growing momentum. and lots of decent games are starting to come out, and they are adding lots of new features (2.40 , new ps store...)

PoSTedUP3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

good looking out my dude.

@ 1.2- but im hungry!

Ben10543956d ago

since your hungry,
but dont get used to it

jkhan3956d ago

@1 Here you go bubbles for you, now be happy;)

Tomdc3956d ago

i took away bubles... I dont like beggers.

I think it could do 100 mill potentially, we'll have to wait and see.

harrisk9543956d ago

Reading this quote from the article:

ON SONY’S RIVALS: Said Reeves: “We really welcome all industry competition. For one cycle Nintendo will for one or two years have an impact and will bring people in, in the following few years it could be Microsoft, the next two or three years it might be Sony and PlayStation - but whatever happens we are all going to do well. We should celebrate the growth of the industry and the competitive situation that we have is what fuels that growth. People are really trying to prove their mettle to do better and better and bring new people into this industry.”

it just seems that Sony is so much more confident and professional than MS. In EVERY interview with an MS exec, they do nothing but bash Sony and spread FUD.... That is the difference between a winner and a loser. A loser needs to attack and try to set up roadblocks, while a winner simply runs further faster than its competitors. MS is the coyote and Sony is the roadrunner!

MaximusPrime3956d ago

added bubbles to all of you ;) (in this column)

Shadow Flare3956d ago

"The PS3 install base is growing faster than PS2's was at this point in its lifecycle," Reeves told trade magazine Develop.

That quote is all you need to know

season0073956d ago

but no more beggars please
next time i see it i take bubbles away =)

Bubble Buddy3956d ago

I am confident that Sony will reach 100 million units sold for ps3. The games are coming in now more than ever. Online still free. In-game XMB soon. 3 of my friends just bought ps3 cause mgs4 came out.

jaysquared3956d ago

Of course his going to say that.. The playstation brand is a very strong brand but in my opinion this gen is the toughest competition it has ever faced... Here is why:

#1. They are competing with two cheaper GAMING consoles 360/Wii and will stay cheaper throughout the lifetime of the PS3

#2. PS3 don't have the biggest and best gaming library that goes to the 360..

#3. Currently Third Party developers are favoring the 360 over the PS3.. Yeah Sony does have the biggest first party support but thats not enough..

#4. Third Party games that were exlcusive to the Playstation brand before are becoming multi plat games(DMC, GTA, Ace Combat etc)..

#5. They're competing with Microsoft here.. As much as people hate Microsoft this is a company who has deep pockets and are here for the long haul unlike Sega and Nintendo.. Microsoft didn't become the #1 OS maker by giving up after the first try!

It will definitely be interesting to see who sells more this gen. Dont get me wrong i'm not saying the PS3 can't do it.. Is that this gen is a different ball game compared to other gen. Sony didn't start things off running with all the blunders and arrogant attitude they had but have now gotten on the right track.. Is it too late though? time will tell

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RememberThe3573956d ago

This was a great read. Nice to see Sony's on top of things. Its funny how the Sony execs come off way cooler than the MS ones.

Syronicus3956d ago

They come off way cooler than the MS guys because they have a fanbase of over 125 million worldwide and are successful in all regions of the world. MS is still the baby of the console world and so they have a ton of pressure to live up to the expectations they have placed on them. Sony, having two highly successful consoles and being king for two full generations, they have little to worry about. Even looking at the slow start to the PS3, it is evident that even their newest console is going to be a great success. With the PS3 sales now ramping faster than the PS2, it is only evident that Sony's fans are very loyal.

TheExecutive3956d ago

A baby? the PS brand only has 3 generations under its belt. MS has 2.

The difference between the two companies? Sony is willing to invest the TIME and money to make a great brand.

nice_cuppa3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

this is never going to happen !

ever !

at reply.....

so because i dont agree with you i should leave....

no i dont think so !

RememberThe3573956d ago

What are you talking about? The xbox increasing it user base. They're all increasing they're user base you... Go trole elsewhere please.

PoSTedUP3956d ago

why isnt it going to happen? sony is notorious for it! they have a different approach this gen. and from what i know, there going to be dropping bombs on the competition! just wait and see. *goes to play mgs4*

Syronicus3956d ago

You have to remember that Sony is known for supporting their consoles for nearly 10 years. MS has a bad record of ditching their old console before the 5 year mark and dropping all support for their old console as well.

MS released the 360 while the PS2 was still selling like hotcakes and had no "next-gen" competition until the PS3 was released 12 to 15 months later. In that time they were unable to secure a large enough install base to even make a dent in Sony momentum. As the proof suggests, Sony's PS3 is selling faster month to month than the PS2 did and look how many PS2's they sold.

You have to look at it more clearly to understand. Trying to view the trends through the eyes of a fanboy make for a very cloudy future...

beavis4play3956d ago

xbox 1 was out for 4 years and sold around 24-25 million. going by numbers now, 360 will sell 30-32 mil in 4 years. that's not a huge increase in numbers. the wii is doing well because of price and the controller fad. it won't last because not enough games. and even if it does last; it is aimed at an entirely diff. audience than ps3 or x360.

if sonys system is really selling at a better pace than the ps2, then it's possible to sell 100 million. i think the real key for sony is price. get it to 250-280 dollars; that's the key.

TheExecutive3956d ago

80-100 million, I can almost kinda sorta guarantee it.

supahbad3956d ago

no sh1t their user base is increasing. microsoft dropped the first xbox early, and now vista cause it sucks, not a good track record

hideo kojima3956d ago


What dropping bombs on competition. Its been dropping one bomb after the other on itself. BD ? Lair, Warhawk? Rumble less controller, game installs, FW installs lasting 20mins, poor PSN, delayed/cancelled titles. What do u call the above?

boodybandit3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

I call it grasping at straws. There is nothing wrong with Warhawk. Show me a game that runs smoother online then Warhawk.

BD meaning BluRay Disc? If that is the case please tell us what is wrong with BD. Did Sony not in fact win that format war? Would Sony have won with out it included? NO! If anything including BD in the PS3 was a huge gamble but it paid off big time for Sony. The only place BD hurt Sony was in their price point for the PS3. The price drops are coming and the sales are picking up.

What is wrong with PSN exactly? Do you even own a PS3 or have you ever played one with an open mind? I have both and the only real difference (to gamers) is being addressed with the 2.40 update "hopefully" arriving soon.

Canceled titles are never good but "all" systems have titles that are delayed. Stop the tunnel vision and acting like it is only Sony that has delayed games.

Installs don't bother me one bit and that is all I am going to say on that subject. It is only mentioned by fanboys needing ammo to b!tch about or fuel for their fire. If it helps with frame rates, load times and overall better performance, I am all for it.

Oh and last time I checked I own rumble controllers for my PS3. They are called Dualshock 3.

Lair? WOW. Are you saying that the PS3 is the only system that has had a game fall below expectations? They don't exist on other systems? You need to get yourself over to gamerankings or metacritic and see for yourself just how many stinkers exist on the other systems. Lair got bad scores mostly because of it's control scheme which has been addressed with an update.

butterfinger3956d ago

Almost every single disagree on this page has come without an intelligent response, and anyone that disagreed with boodybandit is in complete denial. The PS3 may or may not sell 100 million units, but it is proving that it can definitely sell well when the big titles are released (MGS4). If the PS3 gets a jump nearly as big as MGS4 gave it every time a new Playstation title comes out, they have a good chance of beating the competition. MGS4 was the game that XBOX loyalists deemed "too hardcore for mass appeal", but they were all horribly wrong. Imagine when more widely appealing games such as LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Resistance 2, and all well-known Sony titles (FF13, GOW3, SOCOM, GT, etc.) come out. This generation is far from over, no matter how fast Microsoft can release another XBOX. Read articles with an open mind every now and then instead of just reading it as PRO/ANTI your favorite console.

And here come the disagrees....

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