Grand Theft Auto V Still Has The Most Realistic Water I Ever Played In A Videogame

SchollA from Console ControllUs - where the console controls us writes:

Something I thought about and felt for awhile has become increasingly stronger now that new consoles have arrived and I have still yet to see anything that rivals what I see in Grand Theft Auto V.

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Rob72741477d ago

Very True.
A lot of work went into it.

bouzebbal1477d ago

Did the writer play Uncharted 3?
Best water i've ever seen

XBLSkull1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Honestly don't remember the water in GTA5. Last of Us had some pretty water too. The ones that really stand out to me are still Half Life 2 and Halo 3 where the water, physically, acts like water. Not the best looking, but the most realistic. I guess the first Crysis was really good too. I guess I disagree with the article because GTA5 water for me wasn't remembered, while a few other older titles were. Whomever wrote the article is an obvious Naughty Dog fanboy, because there are plenty of great waters out there which aren't even mentioned. At the time of release (been a while since I played it so I forget how it stands up) BioShock was also incredible.

I suppose "Most Realistic Water I Ever Played In A Videogame," emphasis on "I," could be legit - but the author obviously has a limited experience in H20 in games.

GarrusVakarian1476d ago

As much as I was disappointed by Watch Dogs, it had great water. Better than GTA V's water imo.

bouzebbal1476d ago

one of the best animated water out there is water from Tearaway, made of paper!

Don't forget LBP water and archimedes law perfectly implemented in the game!

DoomeDx1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Uncharted 3 had amazing water. But dont forget that it was all scripted and you could not interact with the water.

In GTA V however, at first glance it doesnt look that good. But physics react perfectly with the water waves and such. Making it feel more dynanmic and lifelike.

This is all just an animation in Uncharted 3. (Not bashing the game N4G.)

Khronikos1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

HL2 lol. RIGHT. You don't know water nor the physics of water at all bud. Keep dreaming. ND is definitely near the top of the heap here and they were working on PS3 hardware lol.

BiggerBoss1476d ago

The rain and water in Uncharted 3 was incredible, I may have to bust both games out on my PS3 for a comparison:)

Scholla1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

@abzdiine Did you read the article? Uncharted 3 #RunnerUp.

TenBensons1476d ago

Nah, Silent Hunter 5 beats them all lol

1476d ago
UltraNova1476d ago

Second Son was no slouch when it came to water effects. Those wet god..

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shloobmm31476d ago

Although the GTA 5's water looks fantastic I would have to say Watch Dogs next gen or PC version is the best there is now.

Exoil1476d ago

I would say AC4 beats all others out of the water!

Watch Dogs water looks good, but the physics is really bad!

Scholla1476d ago

Yep! I agree Exoil Watch Dogs got the look of water but is not even in the same conversation as GTA V when it comes to physics and depth again I think it's more than the look in GTA (even though the look is INCREDIBLE!) the behavior is what kills all other games and makes it special.

Not_A_Fan_A_Gamer1476d ago

Lol WTF? The water is sooooooo real, it is a good game.

Gamer19821476d ago

Erm he needs to try PC games with mods like Skyrim and Fallout that water blows GTA water for realism out the water.. These console only reporters live in such a small world.

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Zichu1477d ago

My favourite graphical/physics feature in gaming has got to be water and particle systems. Just so fascinating how they can make it look so realistic and flow so naturally.

Definitely some of the most talented people around.

chrissx1477d ago

Gta v's water is so good it looks like the real thing


No joke, the first time you do the mission where you jump in the water and swim out to the boat, I physically felt sea sick a little.

just the site of the shoppy waves etc, made my head spin a little.

Immorals1477d ago

The water is very good, doing the submarine parts gave me the creeps (I really don't like deep sea!)

Clown_Syndr0me1477d ago

I'm glad Im not the only one! I actually felt physically sick at some parts doing the underwater collectables.
I'm not complaining though, its amazing a game can make you feel that way!

dodo1011476d ago

had that too.
it was even worse when playing just cause 2.
middle of the ocean.
In the night...
When it rains...

ThatOneGuyThere1476d ago

me too. i couldnt stand that mission and couldnt wait to get out of the water. the ocean scares me badly.

ONESHOTV21476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

wow really even just cause 2 with out mods on the pc have better water than that and it looks even better with mods i think some of you should get out of your box.. and if there any dislikes then i guess those are the people that never got to enjoy the game at its best.


na sorry,

When you say better water, it's not just a matter of how shinny it looks.

One of the best things about GTA in general and in particular the water effects is the physics.

it does not just look real but everything about how it moves around objects(boats in this case).

The water in Just Cause 2 looks good, very good.. but honestly the moment he jumped in the boat it lost that battle.

The effects of the boat cutting through water let it down compared to GTAV. keep in mind you are talking about Just cause 2 on PC as compared to GTA5 on consoles. When GTA hits PC and people add mods on top of the already amazing effects, JC2 won't hold a candle.

ONESHOTV21476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

yeah i hear you man but as i said if you did not play the game for your self on the pc at its best then you don't know what a good water simulator looks like..GTA does not stand a chance i would know because i have both one on PS3 and the other on pc. and the water in gta does look nice but you can see that it is being held back by the ps3 and 360


Well I can't say I have played it on PC, I was going by what I saw in your video.

Like I said though for me a good water simulator, not only does it need to look like water, it needs to feel like water, it needs to react like water etc.

Again going by the video you posted, it looks like water, but when he starts swimming and when he is traveling in the boat and making turns, it does not look like it's reacting like water.

Obviously comparing a PC game to a console game, one would expect the PC to be better. When GTA5 comes out on PC then you can compare.

All I can say right now is based on that video, if that is the PC version and you ask me which i think is better I would still say I think GTA has better water.

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