More Bloodborne PS4 Alpha Videos Show PS Vita Remote Play, Secret Interior Area, Impressive Graphics

Two videos of Bloodborne's alpha showing remote play on the PS Vita with its touch based control scheme, and quite a lot of PS4 gameplay, including a "secret" interior area.

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rarity1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

this game is so sick! get it? sick? bloodborne? bloodborne pathogens heh heh...

im getting this day one! i can't miss out on this no other exclusive has me more hyped than bloodborne!

GiggMan1479d ago

I just got a message from PlayStation while my wife was watching Netflix. It said I have been selected for the Bloodborne alpha!

Downloading right now as I type this.

ikkokucrisis1479d ago

Damn, I'm so J right now!

Muzikguy1479d ago

It's so sick! I had to stop watching it. I can't wait for this game but I don't want to see too much anymore. Game looks amazing!

spidermann1479d ago

I'm swinging to get my copy day 1. Must play!

killacal131479d ago

This should have released this year, I really really want it. I'll just get Lords of the Fallen dor the time being.

Clover9041479d ago

And why should Sony and From Software release an unfinished game this year as opposed to a finished title in February?

GenericNameHere1479d ago

This idea is as smart as Ubisoft releasing Rayman Legends the same day as GTAV. Sure, let's release Dark Souls II and Bloodborne the same year! That can't possible be a bad idea at all!

Anyways, yeah game is great. Obviously can't say anything much more than that seeing as how I'm restricted to the terms and agreements, but WOW! I've always said Day 1 ever since it was first leaked as Project Beast, and nothing has changed... Except for the fact that I need MOAR!!! Haha

killacal131479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Listen I was just saying that, not really meaning anything out of it, so hop off my rick. JK nvm, I just really wish this game came out earlier because I need a game like this on my ps4 now.

Bansai1479d ago

Where exactly is that secret interior area ? Cause I really don't want to watch the whole video as I played alpha today quite extensively.

ThunderPulse1479d ago

This game is like the PS4's crack dealer, you keep coming back for more.

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The story is too old to be commented.