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There is no game that handles medieval castle simulation tied in with intriguing real time strategy quite like Stronghold. For about 15 years the folks at Firefly Studios have been churning out Stronghold games both good and bad for those of us who enjoy battling it out in the middle ages both online and offline. As of late however the games in the Stronghold franchise have not been received well. Stronghold 3 was a bug filled mess and frankly a disappointment for those of us who had been anticipating it for neigh on 5 years. Many were wondering whether or not Stronghold Crusader 2 would help set the franchise back in the spotlight for those looking for an RTS/simulator that involves castle building, fighting and economy management. However as the game has been moved into the 3D engine, many are worried as to whether or not the bugs and tedious issues plaguing the game will follow.

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