Xbox World 360: Shaun White Snowboarding Preview - Boarding's answer to SKATE or licensed-up SSX clone?

Xbox World 360 writes: "Ever since EA's great SSX series swanned off On Tour back in '05, then maybe experimented with a spliff or two and ended up losing the plot somewhat, we've been bereft of any decent 'boarding sims. After all, 360 launch title Amped 3 might have been genuinely rib-tickling in the humour department, but as a recreation of the adrenaline-pumped, massively baggy-panted sport it left a lot to be desired.

But, after a three year hiatus, there's an avalanche of loveliness coursing down the peaks toward us, and at its head stands snowboarding prodigy Shaun White - out to do for the white stuff what Tony Hawk did for ollies and kickflips all those eons ago."

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Capt CHAOS3862d ago

Come on, gimme something fun. Something in between SSX and Amped.

mithril3862d ago

because I can't wait until next December.
or going to Chile & Argentina.