Top five reasons why PlayStation TV is worth buying

Game Idealist reveals their top five reasons as to why PlayStation TV is worth buying.

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PeaSFor1478d ago

i wasnt so sure at first but i MAY end up buying it since i barely touch my 3ds anymore and have a couple games to trade toward it.

miyamoto1478d ago

Being able to play my PS Vita games on the bigger screens is just fantastic!

I have a 21" Dell monitor and a 46" Samsung HDTV

Can't wait for october 15.

Also one of my DualShock 3 has call it quits so I am eyeing the $130 Bundle with the extra 8 GB memory card

What a steal!

Army_of_Darkness1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Can playstation tv output games at 60fps as well? you know, for the games that run that frame rate like the Last of us, COD: ghost and shadowfall multiplayer and such??

badz1491478d ago


Don't buy the DS3 bundle. The DS4 is the way to go and it will give you native PS4 remote play if you have 1 and the DS4 will work for the PS3 too.

SillyBastid1477d ago

will this do remote play for the vita, or are the physical games restricted to the portable device?

It says you can play your vita games on big screen, but I assume that only works for the digital vita games.

Anybody know for sure?

badz1491477d ago


physical copy Vita games are also supported. there is a card slot available for you to put the Vita game card in.

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Thatguy-3101478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

My main reason is simply because I hate moving my ps4 around the house.

Steven211478d ago

Ive honestly considered running an hdmi splitter to my room so I can play in there. I am dying for this thing to come out here. I was able to get my hands on a japanese one but they said it wouldn't work because of the accounts :/

badz1491478d ago

It will work just fine. All PS3, PS4, Vita and TV are region free.

vongruetz1477d ago

The new firmware update should make the non-Japanese accounts work. Give it a try.

uth111478d ago

Playing on the second TV is the only reason I need!

But once I have it, I'm sure I'll start checking out Vita games my PS4 can't play :)

Agent_00_Revan1478d ago

Agreed. My biggest thing is it being an extended system when I'm in another room of the house or especially when I take trips. I can just load this tiny thing in my bag instead of taking and worrying about being careful not to damage my PS4.

I started adding the free Vita PS+ titles to my library months ago when they first announced this thing. That way I've already got a catalog of Vita games to try.

uth111478d ago

Oooh I should do that with Vita titles too. I didn't realize you could without a vita system.

dragonyght1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

i already have a Vitas fhat/slim. my number one reasons to get this one is to capture vita games direct videos for my channel

A012345671478d ago

Honestly I want it so I can continue Soul Sacrifice Delta online, with a controller and tv.

That and playing PS4 in different rooms of course.

thricetold1477d ago

I've been dying to dive into soul sacrifice ever since I downloaded it months ago from plus! Can not wait to first play it on the big screen!

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The story is too old to be commented.