DriveClub Finished Build HD Gameplay

Pro Gamer SIEFE has gotten a hold of a copy of DriveClub early and just released a new gameplay video of one of the first races you'll be doing in the game.

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Sir_Simba1503d ago

PS4 is almost here, so excited to play this awesomeness

uptownsoul1503d ago

DriveClub is a stunningly beautiful game…CAN'T WAIT

Cindy-rella1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

the ps4 is truly a powerful machine. as a pc gamer I've never seen a game that looks this good on pc or should i say I've never seen a car game look this good on pc. watching the video was an experience for me because it was like i was so immersed in the video because it looks so good. graphics matters a lot. imo ps4 is the best platform right now for video games.

i will definitely buy this game

egidem1503d ago

This game looks really good. I've dabbled into some game/graphics programming and I can tell you these guys who worked on the game and making it look like this, they have talent and know their stuff very well.

ScottyHoss1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Yeah okay, sure you're a PC gamer. Your avid Sony fanboyism says otherwise.

On topic: I'm excited as f*** to play this game!

Magicite1503d ago Show
steven83r1503d ago

The game does look amazing in person. Was racing 7 other people at E3 and almost lost admiring the car and environment. Glad they delayed it and are getting a damn good polished game for it.

@Cindy I am not a PC gamer but can tell you Project Cars is king of visuals when it comes to racing games. Looks impressive on PS4 but as we cannot tweak the output above 1080p as PC users can, it remains ahead. But maybe only less than 50% of PC owners can max out settings or own 4k monitors and that may be a stretch.

fr0sty1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Project cars does look fantastic, however there are some aspects where Driveclub does certain things better. I like the lighting better in DC. The way the environment and cars are affected by subtle environmental effects, like the tracks being raced at dawn or dusk, the subtle way the deep blues and purples on the horizon change the color of the car, the street, DC just nails it. though there are other things that PC does better. Cars on the PC version have more polys, etc... So, it isn't hands down better looking just because you can run it at a higher resolution on a solid gaming PC.

gootimes1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Starting at 2:45 I was having a hard time picking my jaw up off the floor. Holy cow those are some stellar visuals. I know it's all about the racing but I think my jaw will be dropping many times when I see the environments in this game for myself, I am sure it only gets better. It makes me want to go hiking...

I think it looks like the handling is good, I like the physics when he bumps the wall.

Septic1502d ago

The damage modelling is weird. At 1:33 he swipes the right hand side of the car and the boot somehow gets scratched?

morganfell1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

True HD:

GSY Live replay:

Laughable to see the usual Microsoft Stealth Troll here hiding poorly under the very obvious disguise of Mr Objectivity.

bouzebbal1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

i see a fanboy disagree as "agree".. you should understand them opposite.

@Septic: it's a bird that shit on the car at that moment.

boing11502d ago

As much as I love how it looks, the lack of ambient occlusion under the car makes it like it's floating when shadow isn't visible. Not sure why they did it the way they did.

UltraNova1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Since things are not that clear these days can anyone provide the number of cars ON disc, ON release for the crew, driveclub and project cars? I mean the ones who are available and free -as in- included in the game and not behind a pay-wall of sorts.


EDIT: @Septic

Common man Really? Is that all you had to say after watching that jaw dropping video?


Septic1502d ago


Lol! That bird has been making all kinds of gains!


"Common man Really? Is that all you had to say after watching that jaw dropping video? "

That video was jaw dropping? It's actually that not impressive. There are other DC videos that truly are jaw dropping, as in, "how the **** is this looking so good" kind of jaw dropping. However, this is not one of those videos.

360ICE1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )


Project cars can run in 4K on PC, but I'd rather take the more detailed models, better looking environments and all around better looking lighting that Driveclub seems to have going for it, judging mostly by trailers. Then again, Project Cars will likely have better anti-aliasing on PC.

Also, running a game on max settings in 4K is anything but easy for most PCs. I recall being on a game expo where they had a PC with two GeForce Titan cards running Battlefield 4 in 4K. They had to turn off V-sync for it to run smoothly.

UltraNova1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )


As an owner of a i7/AMD R9 290X OC/16 GB RAM/ 1500w power supply PC let me tell you I've seen my fair share of sexy pixels on my Dell UltraSharp monitor(U2713HM). So when I see this kind of graphical fidelity on CONSOLES then yeah my jaw occasionally drops (just like back when I saw Ryse live and Infamous my 1st couple minutes in). In other words, I can appreciate where some things come from and give credit where credit's due.

Finally, its really tiring watching you try so hard to stay on top. Chill out, play a game, have a beer, cheers!

SonyWarrior1502d ago

i cant wait for this game this is the game i wanted at launch it has been a long wait

frostypants1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Looks pretty. Not the best footage of the game we've seen, but whatever. That said, I don't like how the driver basically ran into everything...just held the gas down...and hardly slowed down as a result. He held 1st place against the CPU while driving like an ass. I know, it's mainly an online game, but just seems odd nonetheless.

The lighting though...holy hell it's nice.

PONTIAC08G8GT1502d ago

Visually the game is beautiful. But like any racing game, the actual racing is what matters. DC looks 10X better then Forza, but no one has yet to comment on the actual gameplay and physics of the game. The mini cooper was taking turns at 115 mph and barely any give up on traction. Maybe the car is tuned or upgraded, but as a racing game and racing fan, I care more about how the game plays. It's nice to have awesome graphics, but the gameplay is what really makes a game.

AndrewLB1502d ago

One thing that really bugs me about the physics in this game is watching players in high performance cars hitting the brakes half way through a turn or during a reducing radius turn and somehow the rear end doesn't come around, putting the car into the barrier. As someone with extensive track experience driving modded Audi's, subaru STi's, Mitsu Evo IX (stock and moderately modified), and the glorious Radical SR3 race car... it just bugs me. I understand the game is supposed to be a combination of Arcade and Simulator, but high performance cars just don't behave like that in real life.

Kidmyst1502d ago

The player in the video drives like me in GT, full on gas and no brakes. Looks good, since I'll get it with Plus will be playing this. Tired of Destiny grinding so bring it!

Scholla1502d ago

IDK from this video I'm a little disappointed I must say, the graphical fidelity doesn't look far from what we already see in GTA V -- and this is a car only game.

With that said oddly enough the older vids showing weather looked more on par on what I would expect from a next gen racer.

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solid_snake36561503d ago

Getting my 4k tv this Friday CANT WAIT for this game.

SonyMontana1503d ago

I'm confused what your 4k TV has to do with this. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a 4k TV, but PS4 will never output games at a 4k resolution, it simply doesn't have the power.

Letthewookiewin1503d ago

It up scales the 1080p image to 4K. It looks amazing.

Forn1503d ago


The PS4 could play tons of games in 4k, just not games that push hardware like Driveclub does.

xtremexx1503d ago

@Forn i like the PS4 just as much as anyone else. but no. no it doesnt play games at native 4K.

internationterrorist1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

[email protected]

That is not true PS4. Can run games in 4k put not a game as graphically demanding as Driveclub. The lego hobbit runs higher than 1080P on PS4 .

Digitalfoundry The lego hobbit

Despite the change in art style, the basic rendering set-up remains unchanged from Lego The Movie. The PS4 game offers up a 1920x1280 image vertically super-sampled down to 1080p, providing extra anti-aliasing in the process, while Xbox One operates natively in 1080p

Also Digitalfoundry said trine 2 could run 4k on PS4. If Sony a unlocked 4k on the PS4.

It runs at native 1080p at 60 frames per second - but that's just the beginning of the story. Frozenbyte's impressive Trine 2 has migrated to PlayStation 4 in fine form - not only does it combine the optimal mix of resolution and frame-rate, but it's the only game to support stereoscopic 3D, running internally at an effective 1080p120 in the process. Indeed, according to the developer, Trine 2 could even hit 4K at 30fps should Sony ever unlock the output of the PS4 to support ultra-HD resolution.

So yes the PS4 is capable of running games in 4k.

P.S DriveClub has the best graphics i have ever seen on console or PC. It's almost photo realistic.

MrSec841503d ago

@xtremexx PS4 could run games at 4K, hell even Wii U could run 4K games if they were at an appropriate level of image quality for their hardware to handle those games at 4K resolutions.

Both systems have HDMI 1.4, which can output 4K native images.

It's all down to what level of visual polish developers want to put into their games.

PS4 couldn't handle a game like Driveclub at 4K, but GT6 could probably be pushed to run at 4K on PS4, with some added visual fidelity and locked 60FPS.

It's a bit pointless when most people don't have 4K TVs.

Zool 081503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

It'll look better on the lg 1080p oled than any led 4k tv at the moment.

internationterrorist1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Dam you hating fanboys are that lame to discuss with facts !!! I put proof that PS4 can run games above 1080P. Direct from the experts at Digitalfoundry. You that Butthurt you hating on DriveClub that much you got that much hate in your blood . Maybe you could provide me wrong or point out how I'm wrong. You butthurt fanboys Can go to Walmart I heard that they are having a great sale on ice-hot it does wonders for your condition. You dude's is pittyful wow

Facts don't matter to fanboys. Fanboyism is when you can't accept the truth about the product or company. Because you are emotionally attached to separate fact from fiction.

Bro man up dude x1,PS4, Wiiu and PC are just pieces of plastic Man have some integrity bro.

Fanboys make me laugh

I was a hugely disappointed when I heard DriveClub was going to be in 1080P 30fps. But I was wrong . I now see what the developer was trying to achieve photo realistic graphics. It was the right choice.

megajon1503d ago

Pong at 4K, let's do it!

bouzebbal1502d ago

i saw FIFA15 running on a PS4 4KTV last weekend and i couldnt believe my eyes!

UltraNova1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

What brand,size model???

God I love shiny new pieces of audiovisual tech!

My 62 inch 1080p monster is getting older by the minute, damn it!

It sure looks like when I upgrade to 4K (in a couple years) I will go with Vizio. Have you considered their latest super affordable 4K series?

frostypants1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

@Forn, dude, the highest end PCs can't run games at 4K efficiently. Hardware is a long ways off from that. That's 4 times as many pixels as 1080P. Takes a TON more horsepower to pull off.

AndrewLB1502d ago

InternationTerrorist- Digital Foundry said if the PS4 was given a 4k output firmware patch, the system "may" be able to run Trine 2 at 4k BUT it would also require certain graphic features dialed back, mainly shadow effects and by enabling dynamic anisotropic texture filtering (lowers texture sharpness based on frametimes).

They also put emphasis on "Of course, with no 4K firmware support in PlayStation 4, the whole discussion remains firmly rooted in the theoretical,"... meaning everything they said in the article should be taken with a grain of salt.

People don't seem to understand the fact that PS4 just doesn't have the juice to game at 4k. The bare minimum PC graphics card for 4k gaming is a GTX 780ti that's overclocked. Such a card has a bit more than 3x the graphics processing power found in a PS4... about 5.5 tflops. And that's just to get modern games running at 30fps, you'd need 2x GTX 980's in SLI to achieve 60fps. So yea... sorry about your wallet.

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Rickgrimes951503d ago

I'm gonna play in first person that's the most intense yes it makes it harder but it's a lot more realistic I'm so excited!

purpleblau1503d ago

Not sure, if it's the quality of this video. The graphics looked pretty mediocre for a PS4 game.

starchild1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Yeah, I'm kind of scratching my head at some of the responses in this article. I mean, it looks pretty good, but nothing that exceptional.

It may turn out to be a great game, I don't know why people are trying to over-hype the graphics. That's only going to tend to bring disappointment.

Yetter1503d ago

Thinking the same thing. Every other time I've seen footage for Driveclub my jaw has dropped from the photorealism. This looks like a videogame

user3672721503d ago

Agreed with all 3 of you. It looks good but I failed to see the god like graphics that the people here are championing about

Meatyboy1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

It's the physics which don't do it for me. The car looks like its floating. Nothing has come close to (dare i say) Forza 5 yet. The environments look stunning though.

weekev151502d ago

@meatboy Thank you! I honestly thought I was going crazy. Handling looks super floaty, first time Ive seen this game look like a game, maybe its the sampling but little disappointed tbh.

mcstorm1502d ago

I agree with Meatyboy. The The environments look stunning but im still not taken in by the gameplay. It maybe different when playing it but from the videos that is what is putting me off. When I grab a PS4 ill defo check this game out though to find out for my self.

lifeisgamesok1502d ago

Yes, I have seen some impressive Driveclub footage but this doesn't look that good

deepio1502d ago

From this video I just don't see it either, and there's comments saying this is jaw dropping!?! There's better footage out there.

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Scatpants1503d ago

This guy says over and over that you get the game for free with Playstation+. You get like an expanded demo. Not the same as getting it free.

SIEFE1503d ago

Yeah i know that. I just wanted to get the video out quickly and was in a hurry. I apologize if i hurt your

ion6661503d ago

God forbid you spell a word wrong here. The second coming of christ will appear and gabriel's trumpet will sound because the world as we know it just ended.

nX1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

It is actually the FULL game just with lesser cars and tracks. All events, game modes and even the online mode is playable in the PS+ version. Calling it a "demo" wouldn't be correct, really. You can even earn the platinum trophy without buying the game at all.

imtheman20131503d ago

"... just with lesser cars and tracks." So not the full game. Calling it a demo isn't accurate, but it's far more accurate than calling it the full game.

From what I've seen and heard, you get about 11 cars out of a total of 55. You also get only one location out of the five or six that are in the full game. How many tracks that turns out to be is still to be seen. So, all-in-all, you're getting about 20-25% of the game as apposed to if you were actually purchasing it.

I understand that the MP and whatnot will be unlocked, but that doesn't change the fact that you'll be using a smaller variety of cars than your opponents. Not to mention being restricted to only racing in the one location they give you. It's not the full game, but it's better than nothing and I'm sure it'll make a lot more people purchase the full thing.

porkChop1503d ago

If it's missing content, any at all, then it can no longer considered the "full" game because it isn't full.

opoikl1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Missing content, like almost every game that has pre-order bonuses or DLC within the first few months post-release?

nX1502d ago

^And calling it a demo, downplaying the value of it is better, huh?
You can't deny that it's much closer to the full game than to a demo. Those have usually 3-5 cars, 1-2 tracks and only one game mode so it's just not fair to downplay this as a simple demo.

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Rickgrimes951503d ago

You get 11 tracks and 10 cars or something like that your right that's not a free full game but that's not a demo either

JP13691503d ago

You get 10 cars and 11 tracks and are able to earn the Platinum trophy. Hardly an extended demo.

DOMination-1502d ago

Says a lot for your game that you're able to platinum it by only playing 20% of it.

JP13691502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Says a lot about you that you were too lazy to take a look at the trophy list to see exactly why it's possible. Troll harder.

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imtheman20131503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

This guy knows that the PS+ edition of Driveclub isn't the full game, right? It's like, 11 of the cars, and one location of the 5 or 6 that are in the game. At least that's how it was the last time I checked. The full game, if you have PS+, is $50. The PS+ edition is basically a taster for those who are on the fence about buying it or not.

SIEFE1503d ago

Yes, I'm aware. Was kinda just in a hurry to get the video out to you guys... its ok relax...

grailly1503d ago

You should hurry less, get your facts straight and elaborate on why it's "interesting" and "fun"

imtheman20131503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I don't blame you wanting to get the video out there as soon as possible, but you emphasized pretty extraneously that the full game was being distributed for *free* to those with PS+, which is just false. This sort of misinformation is what leads to people being upset in the first place.

memots1503d ago

you can even taste a platinum trophy with this supposed Demo.

ps4fanboy1503d ago ShowReplies(2)
Pintheshadows1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Wow, that is very very pretty. The environments and the attention to detail are simply stunning.

It looks to be exactly what I wanted. A driving game based around driving on the best roads in the world.

Also, you might be better at driving games if you learnt about brakes.

Pause at 4.22. The lighting. Oh my gawd.

Pintheshadows1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Try as you might, I still stand by my sentiments. The environments and attention to detail are simply stunning.

Downplay as much as you want though. It is your own time you are wasting after all.

'the plants are missing shadows and detail'.


Eonjay1503d ago

Are you talking about the shrubs on the ground? The grass perhaps? Or the trees?

Forn1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

All those pics you linked look amazing so idk what your point was haha. Driveclub looks even more fantastic in motion as well. Absolutely stunning to say the least.

Spid3r61503d ago

It looks like everybody has these gifs...Yet so far the latest videos are showing up looking a lot different then what you are showing here. We will have to wait and see.

Kayant1503d ago

"I don't think so, the plants are missing shadows and detail." - Lmaoooo woow. Yh it not like the game features a dynamic lighting system with dynamic shadows,reflections ect so no two scenes are usually the same /s