Videogamer: Top Spin 3 Review

Videogamer writes: "The king has had a long reign. SEGA's Virtua Tennis series has sat almost completely unchallenged as the premier tennis video game for years. Contenders have come and gone, yet few have been able to go a full five sets with the arcade master. Top Spin has been one of the better challengers, but after a few weeks with each of the previous two games we went straight back to VT. With Top Spin 3 we instantly felt like we were playing something with great potential. Like when a new wonder kid burst onto the scene, we were just praying it wouldn't slip off the rails.

Here's a tip: start with the game's training mode. You might well think that you've played VT so you'll be able to jump straight in to TS3, but you'd be wrong. We made that mistake and spent ten minutes wildly swinging and missing before admitting defeat and heading back to the main menu. TS3 doesn't play like VT. Instead of simply holding down the shot button and letting the game hit the ball, in TS3 you need to release the button (and swing) at the right moment - just about as the ball bounces on the court."

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