Intel removes ads from Gamasutra in wake of GamerGate

The technology giant, Intel, has recently said in an email from a concerned consumer that they will be removing their ads from the popular gaming website Gamasutra. After some controversial articles regarding GamerGate were posted on Gamasutra Intel has decided to pull their ads from the site.

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Gh05t1479d ago

Gamasutra used to be my go to site for industry news. They have really gone down hill in the last four years. I don't even visit it anymore.

Massacred1478d ago

The fact that Intel pulled out, is kind of a big deal.

That's a major corporate sponsor were talking about here.

cleft51478d ago

I am really happy to see this happening. GamerGate is a huge deal and should be taken seriously, rather than being dismissed or treated like it is an attack on women or something equally stupid. It is up to gamers to ensure that the gaming media is behaving ethically. For far too long the game media has been behaving in a terrible fashion with no consequences, GamerGate is the first in many steps to seriously change this and bring accountability and transparency back to the gaming media.

Keep up the good work GamerGate folk. This is a major victory, but it is only a small step towards achieving our true goal of transparency and accountability.

qwerty6761479d ago

wish there was just one gaming news site we could just trust 100%

Godmars2901479d ago

There will never be a 100% trustworthy news source, but you now know for a fact of ones which not only have agendas which could go against your interest - in a hobby - but don't even respect you as reader if not a human being. That's unforgivable.

aerisbueller1479d ago

wish there was just one news site we could just trust 100%

Idree1479d ago

This is great news for the gaming community!

Finally some justice :)

Axonometri1479d ago

When I was in school, Gamasutra was "The" industry site. Was respected as such also. Sad how things can go.

001479d ago

this is good news. victory will be slow but it will come.

Godmars2901479d ago

There is no question of "victory" between an open market and a group of idealist looking to subvert it in its apparent entirety, rather its a question of how much damage they're going to wind up doing.

001479d ago

then like every true gamer we will simply respawn.

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