Stringer: Videogames Are Sony's Top Priority

Sir Howard Stringer, chairman of Sony Corporation, has told the company's annual shareholder meeting that he believes the "top priority" should be restoring the videogames and television departments to profitability.

Precisely when that might happen is unclear, as although the company previously predicted that the PlayStation division will post its first annual profit next year, following cost reductions in the manufacture of the PlayStation 3, the electronics division is set to see earnings tumble on poor LCD sales while the stonger yen hits exports.

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Jamie Foxx3825d ago

are start buying more exclusives just look at th effect metal gear has had

pwnsause3825d ago

rofl someone disagreed with you for saying that

Silogon3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

I'd like to ahve anything other than FPS (which have become casual targets now due to saturation) Singstar, Guitar hero, Rockband, and any knock off plastic motion sensor wiimote that Sony thinks is going to save them.

I'd kill for White knight story right now, let alone Suikoden made exclusively on the ps3 and taking up a full 50gb blue ray or even half of one.

I cannot believe this gained disagrees. how the hell could anyone disagree with this? What, you want more FPS? More Singstar? More over priced guitar hero and rockband? More copyright infringement lawsuits?

You all are really, really, really stupid sometimes.

coolfool3824d ago

I think the PS3 gaming library is missing a few good RPGs. FFXIII and White Knight Story has already been announced which is ok but another couple of rpgs would be good

TheExecutive3824d ago

ladies and gentlemen,

The difference between MS and Sony.