Mighty No. 9 – A lesson in how not to manage a community

The community surrounding Might No. 9, a game Kickstarted for promising to be a spiritual successor to Mega Man, has been in uproar recently – and not for the first time. And for some very similar reasons. Well, similar in the sense that the issues surrounding the first set of issues, and the issues now, all seem to stem from one person: the Mighty No. 9 community manager known as Dina. But, do not mistake that Comcept, the developers of the game, are equally at fault here for allowing what will be discussed here to continue to happen.

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-Foxtrot1480d ago

I hate Dina, the way she's been blocking people who support GamerGate for example is ridiculous

Very unprofessional and her status are really immature aswell

If I was Inafune I would sack her, it's making the team as a whole look bad.

DiscoKid1479d ago

Agreed. Nepotism is strong, if it wasn't obvious these past few months. As long as her views doesn't tarnish the game, it should be fine.

randomass1711479d ago

It won't. Keiji Inafune is the director of the whole thing and what he says goes.

DiscoKid1479d ago


She's apart of the enemy robot design team.

3-4-51479d ago

What is with these people with NO INTEGRITY, & NO ETHICS, infiltrating the gaming industry ?

3-4-51479d ago

Glad I didn't back this yet....I'll wait to see what happens.

Money = Power

eferreira1479d ago

I paid 250 dollars to back this project and didn't even get a beta invite. Also try to contact them about it and no response.

Nodoze1479d ago

Wow!, Why? You invested WAY too much.

eferreira1479d ago

I wanted all the goodies that tier came with

PrivateRyan1479d ago

She's very emotional for a community manager.

And any community manager who has less than 500 followers clearly isn't doing the social media thing particularly well, given it should be their full-time job.

lonelyplayer1479d ago

I backed the GAME not the community manager and other stuff they are spending the money on.
I'm very frustrated with the way this project is being managed.

TheJacksonRGN1479d ago

Wow this ridiculous, everyone needs to spread this. If those at CM are not aware of this maybe one of them will come across it online.

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