The Crew, PS4 gameplay videos

Three new videos showing some actual gameplay footage of the upcoming Ubisoft game, The Crew, captured on Playstation 4.

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Mega241479d ago

Attached video says, "The Crew PS4 Beta Gameplay Ford Mustang", car in the video is a Camaro lol.

ikkokucrisis1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Ack, enough of these 'arcady' racers already. I want to play/watch a racing game with REAL damage. Like if I'm racing online and I get clipped by a guard rail my car will go into a tail spin and could become a complete wreck. On the flip side, there would be penalties/disqualifications applied to a-hole racers that cause accidents to other cars.

Sounds pretty extreme, but putting into perspective this gameplay style with a FPS game like Counter Strike, which had an unforgiving damage system that envoked a form of realism and tension never experienced before.

Driving games need a much more extreme form of risk/reward to make them more enjoyable to play and/or spectate.

lelo2play1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Almost every gameplay video recorded from multiplatform games are from PS4's. That's not good for the X1 nor Microsoft. Microsoft by now must be regretting not using (at least) a better graphics card on the X1 so they could reach that "magic" number (1080p/60fps) more often.

As for The Crew, looks average... and I'm really not into MMO's.

system221479d ago

I've been playing the crew beta on ps4. its not an attractive game... even on the ps4.

DontShoot-Me-Bro1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

My view on the closed beta.

Came to say pretty much the same thing, The Crew does not look like anything special, graphically it sometimes looks last gen, but then again this is only a closed beta, during the cutscenes the game looks good, but gameplay graphics eh could mistake for a last gen game, I think what makes it a current gen game is the scope of the map, which is pretty damn huge.

But even putting the graphics aside, I find the game boring, i watched a few cutscenes but quickly got bored and started to skip every one, what i found was a lady would tell you to make your way to a certain waypoint to have a race, i had more fun doing the random missions, of jumping off ramps, and high speed time trials etc

This alongside Project Cars and Driveclub were on my 100% to get list, but thank god imo it doesn't look that great, so i get to keep my money.

I'm 100% getting Driveclub, still gotta see more of Project Cars on PS4 before buying.

ABizzel11479d ago

They did have a better GPU, but they removed cores to add the eSRAM to try and make up for the DDR3 Bandwidth.

I understand why they did it, because they wanted a unified pool of memeory so they could always give and take when either the OS or the games needed it, but it was a bad decision IMO, and they would have been better of with 6GB DDR3 + 2GB GDDR5, and called it a day.

OiNioB1479d ago

I'm sure Forza horizon 2 has something to do with Xbox users not giving a s***

DeadlyOreo1479d ago

I was watching a bit of this game earlier through PS4's Twitch. The game looks pretty decent to be fair, I was impressed.

uth111479d ago

I've been watching vids too, and I don't see anything wrong with it. The graphics in some locations aren't as good as other current-gen racers, but then in other locations it looks amazing.

I don't really understand why everyone is so down on this game while foaming at the mouth for DC, FH2 and Project Cars. Those may be better visually, but this looks more fun.

Pintheshadows1479d ago

Driver. The second this video started all I could think of was Driver. It looks ok.

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