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Casey White wrote: "Smash Bros. 3DS may not even ATTEMPT a reinvention of the wheel with the latest iteration of the fan-favourite... but it at least devotes a noticable amount of effort into shining everything up nice and pretty like for the 3DS debut of the ridiculously hype cross-brand fighter. That being said, avoid the 3D feature at all costs."

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Paprika1503d ago

Blasphemy!!!!! 7!!!!!!!

3D I generally ignore anyway though tbh.

3-4-51503d ago

I've had a 3DS since 2012.....I've used the 3D for a total of about 1-2 minutes..

It literally is a non-factor and only an issue when people WANT it to be an issue.

thatoreoguy1503d ago

Why do all things great get ruined by 3d

live2play1503d ago

i love the 3d!!!! i dont play without it. things become solid and the characters have weights. its awesome the backgrounds just go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back.
i love it

NiteX1503d ago

3D seemed great on the demo. I don't think I've ever not used 3D on my 3DS.

TXIDarkAvenger1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Insanely obnoxious 3D? How? It looks great and I'm not even a big fan using 3D on 3DS.

Poor platform choice for a 'serious' fighter. lolwut. I'm amazed at how well Smash works on the 3DS. I only thought I'd skip out on it but after playing it, its really well done and controls work just nicely.

"It’s just the same game we’ve been playing since the N64" Who is this guy?

TheNightNinja1502d ago

Happy to answer your "questions"

1) The 3D is obnoxious because a fast-paced game with focus on tiny details becomes a little too much visual information. It's overwhelming and unnecessary, plus it drops the frame rate.

2) I'm happy that you enjoy Smash on the 3DS. I do as well. However, if you honestly think that there'll be a 3DS tournament at next year's EVO... then agree to disagree until one of us is proven correct next year I guess?

3) I'm Casey White, it's an absolute pleasure to meet you.

live2play1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )


live2play1502d ago

60Fps even with 3d on.
Sorry, do a little homework

SilentNegotiator1503d ago

3D not adding to a 2.5D game? No way bruh

btw, the virtual console SSB got combined with the new game's reviews. Gonna have to let a mod know.

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