Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor glitch is surprisingly groovy

GotGame writes: Something fantastic has been going on in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor for some players.

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RG_Dubz1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I've never experienced so many bugs/glitches in a game, I wish the ones I hit were "groovy" but they weren't, such a shame too.. So much potential hindered by some really bad bugs/glitches.

This game should have been delayed on current-gen consoles like it was on last-gen consoles so they could have ironed most the bugs/glitches out, we're at v1.02 which is all bugs fixes so far and the game is still full of them.

TripC501480d ago

What are the bugs and glitches you have. I haven't had any.

cyclindk1480d ago

Isn't overly buggy for open-world and all the dynamic elements, but they are certainly present.

Eg. I got stuck in a causeway after performing a stealth take down from the ledge, my character merged with/clipped through into the bridge, had to exit. Several others, but all manageable.

levian1480d ago

I've had a grand total of one bug and it fixed itself. I was trying to mount a coragor (sp?) and I hit the button just as it jumped up to the ledge I was on. My character jumped down to where it used to be while the coragor was above me. I was doing the animation where it tries to buck you off, then when I succeeded I was on it just fine.

Psychotica1480d ago

I have had Zero great.

Grap1480d ago

What!!! this is one of the most polished game i have ever played in my last 5 years congrats to the QA.

RG_Dubz1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Not jumping off ledges, counters not registering, dodges not registering, clipping issues, stuck on rocks, stuck on walls, getting stuck in the stairs, zooming in/introduction to an enemy (captain) over 20 feet away which was irrelevant and at a bad time, zooming in/introduction of a near dead enemy when it should have done it at the beginning of the battle, climbing not working properly at times, stealth kill from above attacking the wrong enemy.. plus more..
These were just glitches at least as I also have some issues with the game itself with the way some aspects of the game is programmed that are not glitches but that's another discussion.

I realize everybody will have different experiences with bugs/glitches but I had way less glitches playing Dead Island on Day 1.

2 more weeks of polish could have done so much for this game, it will definitely need a lot more bug fix patches.

Nitrowolf21480d ago

What console? Cause i have had very min issues, if any at all

madjedi1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Jesus you clearly never played skyrim\fallout, if you think shadows of mordor is buggy, so far 20+ hrs and no real issues for me.

Playing this on ps4 and overall not seeing where it actually needed more dev time, never had a counter miss or a dodge not register.

Had it stealth kill a grunt instead of a captain but that isn't anything worth mentioning really.

It's easily goty winner to me so far, i have yet to find anything in the game that is even remotely comes close to how bad a game your trying to claim it is.

Yuck dead island, i'll take a broken som over a flawless dead island any day.

RG_Dubz1479d ago

I don't play terrible games for long.

Playing on the PS4 also and good for you.. Glad to hear every experience is exactly the same *sarcasm
I've had several people from my friends list experience this bug/glitch as well, it can be annoying when it happens at a bad time.

Like there is any competition for GOTY yet, and I'm not saying it's bad I'm saying it's got lots of bugs/glitches that I have experienced, they patched it twice as well as delayed the 360/PS3 ports for a reason, which is probably loads of bugs if I've experienced this many in the current-gen port, I know the first to patches were purely bug fixes.

Irrelevant because no one cares, nor asked for your opinion on Shadow of Mordor or Dead Island.

Haven't experienced too many bugs/glitches lately, it can be quite random.

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anticlimax1480d ago

I haven't had a single bug. Yeey. So at least I'm glad it didn't get delayed. What are you playing it on?

Unless never finding a captain on his own is a bug. Turns out for of those big guys with the little red arcs is usually beyond my skills.

Reefskye1480d ago

I have encountered one bug in this game since I got it. I got stuck in mid air in a cave and have noticed when it lightnings parts of the ground flash with bright rainbow colours just like it shows in the video.