Xbox One Is Getting Windows 10 Cross-Platform Games And Apps

Microsoft Corp. could finally unleash Windows apps on the Xbox One. The company is bringing the core of Windows 10 to the Xbox One, allowing developers to bring apps and games from Windows Phone and PCs to Microsoft's latest console.

Foehammer3480d ago


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Bigpappy3480d ago

True. It would be especially nice if I don't need to rebuy. Or at least a heavily discounted price.

I love my card and puzzle games

vega2753480d ago

I love tower defense games myself

XBLSkull3480d ago

Love the way all microsoft stuff is all streamlined now and getting even better.

Outthink_The_Room3480d ago

I'm torn on how they're going to approach this. If Microsoft makes it cross-buy, it'd be huge. Definitely a good reason to jump into their ecosystem, especially for apps. Big games obviously won't run on a phone or most tablets, but the idea of cross-buy apps is amazing.

To me, it's either gotta be cross-buy or nothing. The heavily discounted thing doesn't really make sense when alot of games/apps are $0.99. It would make Microsoft look cheap, VERY CHEAP, if they were giving a massively whole show stopping $0.50 discount.

4Sh0w3480d ago

Yeah looking forward to this. It would be huge if I can buy apps and small puzzle games/Spartan Assault 1 time and play them on all my devices also Windows 10 streamlining everything into 1 ecosystem is definitely a great idea.

ABizzel13480d ago

This great news for them, and it's good to see they too are embracing the one ecosystem ideology. On the flip side I don't want to hear anyone in this comment section complaining about indies or mobile games ever again.

The more important question is are these games "Window Games Only" (such as small downloads and mobile games), is this basically allowing developers to drag and drop PC games onto the XBL, or is this literally saying DX12 PC games are playable on XBL.

If it's Window Games only, then it's a nice boost to XBLA.

If it's the second option (which I think it is), it's incredible for developers and allows them to simply make a PC version and instantly have an XBO version as well, leaving them to simply optimize for the console (and hopefully improve XBO ports). This should make many of those PC games that were going PS4 exclusive, come to the XBO sooner and simultaneously in the future.

If it's the third option (which I doubt), then this is huge. I seriously doubt they're going to let you buy a PC disc and start playing, or let you download steam etc... on the XBO and buy games from there, so while it would be huge, I don't think it's going to happen.

Regardless this is exactly what I've been saying for the longest MS needs to do if they want to compete in the console space. They need to carve out a lane that they can completely dominate on their own. Regardless of what anyone thinks, Sony owns the console market. With 3 consoles they've sold almost as much as MS and Nintendo combined (PS = 347m, MS + Nintendo = 378m, excluding the current gen). As long as Sony doesn't price themselves out of the competition like they did with the PS3, introduce a Blue Ocean console, or attempt drastic policy changes on their own, I don't see them ever having a struggle selling the PlayStation brand / ecosystem.

This is why MS and Nintendo has to create their own niche. Nintendo dominates the handheld business, so focus on a high-end handheld for $199 (which is easier than ever thanks to the evolution of mobile technology).

MS has always had their ace, they just never want to use it until now. PC. The Xbox can be a PConsole, and honestly this is the first step towards it. Running Windows as the OS instantly gives them access to all the benefits of a PC if they use the full version. Keyboard + mouse support, full programs, apps, etc... would all be accessible from your home console, and it would have the potential to become the best selling computer brand of all time, since it functions as a game console and a PC. They already proved they can do dual OS, so have the PConsole automatically launch in an Xbox mode where it's all about gaming, and if you want to use the full Windows experience then simply launch that OS with the click of the Windows App button. It would be perfect for EVERY person who needs a PC, and cost no more than $500 (kids - college students can game, and do homework all on that one device).

If an AIO media device is their goal, then that should be it, not simply focusing on apps and HDMI-In.

The only possible issue is that more than likely this type of Xbox will have to use Intel + NVIDIA since they are the major market share owners for high end CPU and GPU in PC. This means the Xbox will have a great CPU powering it, as well as a powerful GPU, the problem is that in comparison if Sony goes with AMD they should be able to get more GPU power into their console for the same price, and we have a PS4 vs XBO situation all over again.

The difference is the Xbox console will offer a true complete AIO device out the box, and offer significantly more features, and still offer a more than capable gaming console.

MS if you go this route I want my check.

ikkokucrisis3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

This would be a game changer if MS can pull it off by Q3 of next year. Any longer, and X1 will have lost too much ground to the PS4

mikeslemonade3480d ago

Yea but pretty much all the noteworthy games from windows comes out for the X1 anyway. Aside from AAA games that won't be able to run well on X1 either.

Giul_Xainx3480d ago

Xbox is turning into a cell phone..... come on xbox. Apps? It has the camera, a voice messaging system, Skype, and now apps. What about more games in more genres?

Come on Microsoft make a gaming console, not a huge cell phone.

DeathOfTheFanBoy3479d ago

@vega, have you got defense grid 2? I'm top of the leaderboards for most of the super grinder missions, EPIC tower defense game!

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JoGam3480d ago

I don't have a Xbox one but I'm happy for those who do. Freakin hate Windows 8.

qwerty6763480d ago

is the ui getting a complete overhaul?

also what apps would be useful on a console that arent already on the system?

some things to consider.

mhunterjr3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Of the millions of windows games and apps currently in existence, there are plenty that people would find useful on their television.

Also, a 'complete overhaul' isn't needed as the Xbox is already running windows 8. This synergy was likely planned all along, and the universal apps are designed to scale to the device running them.

jrshankill3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

My Theory :

With Windows 10 on PC, there will be a Xbox One App. Sign into it, and you have access to all of your games which you digitally purchased.. and you can play them, via cloud.

Microsoft already said they are looking into people being able to play Xbox One on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome .. > http://www.ibtimes.com/micr... . So I think Microsoft is going the Steam route really, only with streaming content.

The Xbox One will be able to play the games better, being that the data is saved on the hard drive obviously. There will still be reason to own a Xbox One.. it will simply give the best experience on a TV. Anyone though would be able to create a Xbox Live account, purchase games and play them via streaming using the Xbox One app on tablets and phones (or even smart TVs with an internet browser).

The same Xbox One app will be available on Phones and Tablets, so aslong as you have a way to sync the controller to these devices, you can also stream the games to your phone and tablet without the need for your Xbox One to be switched on (all game saves and progress are saved to the cloud anyway).

The biggest issue is obviously latency. I never tried PSNow but the reports have been average to above average. I don't know how this can be fixed, especially those with average connection speeds.

All hearsay though, just my theory on how things could progress. If this is a sign of things to come though, an absolute game changer is on the horizon.

AngelicIceDiamond3480d ago

Honestly, this is a big deal. This particular news is great but the idea of overhauling the OS on console. Apps, UI, games in relation to it will run faster and smoother and even opens doors to more innovative monthly features on X1.

The fact that X1 is capable of having a brand new Windows every year on top of monthly updates just puts XBL as a whole a gift that keeps on giving.

Iltapalanyymi3480d ago

thats pretty cool. im guessing they add the 10 update to mobiles too so that makes 3 cross platform devices

Outthink_The_Room3480d ago

4 actually.


oSHINSAo3480d ago

Maybe they some time will incorporate Windows core System on Tvs, with integrated kinect

Wikkid6663479d ago


Windows is definitely coming to TVs.

WeAreLegion3480d ago

Nice. I wish Sony would do this with Android apps.

scotmacb3480d ago

Sony have nothing to do with android and every app will be adjusted to run and fit on xb1 just to much work for sony anyway get your own ideas

n4rc3480d ago

Ya.. Tho it seems ms is giving android preferential treatment over iOS.. Which is very rare..

WeAreLegion3480d ago

1) I'm fully aware Sony has nothing to do with Android.

2) Get my own ideas? So, I'm not allowed to suggest a possibility? What is wrong with you, dude?

3) I should have known better than to make a positive comment. You people seem to suck the joy out of everything around here.

ABizzel13480d ago


Sony won't use Android, because it's too easy to crack and it could be a complete nightmare if that happens.

Sony has to build their own OS, and wait for developers to make their apps for it. But this does bring up the question of will the MS be updating Windows every year or every couple of years now, because Windows isn't the most difficult OS to hack into either, and it could be the death of Xbox if people hack into gamers consoles, like they constantly do on PCs.

Sonital3480d ago

Actually I had a bet with a friend that the PS4 would emulate/run a beefy variant of Android. I also had Google tipped for buying the brand but alas, I was wrong.