The 5 Most Amazing Video Game Controllers of All Time

Throughout the evolution of gaming we have also bore witness to many new controllers. We take a look at 5 of the best controllers ever released.

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XBLSkull1530d ago

The Xbox One controller is an improvement in every category over the 360 controller. Not sure how you could list the 360 without listing the X1.

TheLyonKing1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

1. Ps4
2. Nes (simple yet functional)
3. Game cube
4. Xbox 360
5. Sega Mega Drive

That's my list anyway.
My top 5 "hated" original (bear controller)
3.wii for non motion
4.dreamcast. (love love love the console)
5.atari jaguar

That ones in no order and it doesn't mean I don't like the console.

NukaCola1529d ago

The Xbone controller has cheap small thimbsticks and odd button placement. The 360 controller is still better and even more comfortable, the Xbox Controller S from back in the day.

Still hands down the Wavebird Gamecube and PS4 controllers are the best I've ever seen. PS4 DS4 is the best Dualshock and the Gamecube controller was crafted by aliens it worked so brilliantly.

joel_c171530d ago

Can someone just list them? so sick of these click through bullpoop sites

itBourne1530d ago

Snes controller, dualshock 4, 360, dreamcast, and gamecube.

Agree with all except the gamecube controller, that thing is a mess, like they shook up some buttons and threw it on a controller.

ape0071530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

ps4 DS4 and Xbox one Controller are perhaps the two best I've ever played, wiiu gamepad is smooth as hell too

the xbox 360 controller was legendary and inspired DS4 and wiiu gamepad a little

all controllers are awesome this generation :)

Foraoise1530d ago

How'd the xbox 360 controller inspire the dualshock 4? Triggers? Nope.

CloudRap1530d ago

1.Xbox one pad(perfection)
2.DualShock4 (Massive improvement over DS3)
3.Xbox 360 pad(Was #1 IMO till this gen)
4.OG xbox pad (a good start for MS)
5.Dualshock3 (as awful as it was its iconic)

Dasteru1530d ago

What is it with all these comfort whores hating on the DS3? It was massively superior to the 360 controller as far as performance is concerned.

Analogs were 10bit vs 8bit, Smaller deadzone, longer and convex vs concave, both of which increase precision. No slow turn issue, No centering issues, (MS quality control on the controllers was horrible) The face buttons and L1/R1 were analog vs digital which made them pressure sensitive, don't even get me started on the 360s brutal D-pad vs the DS2/3 which have by far the best D-pads ever, the L2/R2 buttons are softer which made them much better for racing games. Practically the only areas the 360 controller was better was the ergonomics which is arguable, and the curve on the L/R vs L2/R2.

The 360 controller is horribly clunky and slow. MS themselfs at one point were actually planning on allowing one game to be cross platform, cannot remember which one but after beta testing they found that PS3 players were mopping the floor with 360 players almost every match and they canned the idea because of it.

UltraNova1530d ago


Man I hope you're ready for some ravenous xbox fanbase horde mode style commenting!

Dasteru1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


Disagree's and critisism do not bother me. I am simply stating technical facts that anyone with basic mechanical knowledge would know. If people want to hate on me for it, so be it.

DougLord1530d ago

Xbox One controller is pretty freaking fantastic. People with both consoles actually play multiplat titles on Xbone despite slightly inferior graphics because that controller is so comfortable. 360 was good controller as well.

For mobile I really like the Nvidea Shield controller

Revolt131530d ago

Agreed, Xbox One controller is great :)

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