Ori and the Blind Forest preview - Xbox Players

Since the title was announced last year Ori and the Blind Forest really turned heads with not just the visual aspect of the game but the emotion the characters use to drive the story.

So at this years EGX 2014 event in London I finally got to play the game, and with the two levels on show, The Sunken glades and the Ginso tree in the Xbox Stand.

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Foehammer1503d ago

Good to hear...

smooth framerate


lots of fun


qwerty6761503d ago

the gameplay just looks so fluid for an indie game

and the story seems to have heart.

its no wonder Microsoft is marketing the crap out of this.

i hope this sells well on the xbox one so games that arent "bro shooters" can prove that they do well.

Illusive_Man1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

It's not an indie game for the last time. Moon Studios is a Microsoft first party studio.

Just because something is 2d and colorful does not make it an indie.

DOMination-1503d ago

Incorrect. Moon Studios are independent. Microsoft are just publishing this game.

Moon Studios are a bunch of people working remotely all in different parts of the world. Its an interesting model.

christocolus1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

This game is amazing..its a work of art.

The founders of MoonStudios currently have a great relationship with MS, This is their first game and MS owns the rights to the ip, they function as an independent studio (atleast for now). Currently there is a request on the xbox feedback site asking MS to aquire not just the ip but the studio as well and its getting some good votes. Hopefully they do and then MoonStudios will join the likes of pressplay and twisted pixel.

Scatpants1503d ago

how bout a release date?

SideNote1503d ago

Xbox one showing us the fun. What a great end to the year this gonna be for us owners.

jablocanas1503d ago

The grammar in that article is so bad, holy s***...

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The story is too old to be commented.