Don't shoot yourself in the foot at the beginning of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Tips on making it past your first few hours with Shadow of Mordor without starting from the very beginning.

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Sadist31479d ago

Why would you want to be unstoppable? People always want the easy route, games are not fun if they aren't challenging. I have the game, trust me, it's really easy. I wish they made it more difficult, it would be more enjoyable. But a 10 year old can run through the game, and for a game that's rated mature, I expect a mature difficulty.

RedSoakedSponge1479d ago

i agree with what you say, apart from the last bit about a mature game needing a mature difficulty. i dont know about you but i thought gamers skills arent dependant on how old they are. iv met a lot of shit adults at games and a lot of amazingly talented kids at games.

levian1478d ago

It's challenging enough to be fun. Sure you probably won't die charging into a group of 50+ enemies, but add 2-3 captains and then things can get pretty rough. I've made it out of those situations with everyone dead, and I've also died against 1-2 captains and a few enemies. Poison is a bitch! I think it prevents countering, at least the marker above their heads disappears sometimes when I'm poisoned

MasterCornholio1479d ago

What about in your knee?


RedSoakedSponge1479d ago

oh dear.... get off the internet! lol

i joke, but that reference needs to die!

MasterCornholio1479d ago

I used to be a poster just like yourself, but then I took an arrow to the knee.


jackanderson19851479d ago

so play the game is the best way to not shoot yourself in the foot? what type of advice is that

morganfell1479d ago

I have the game but I am not running through it. For those that know and enjoy more than a few movies set in Middle Earth there are a ton of references and asides to be enjoyed. Particularly if you have spent time with The Silmarillion and the 12 volumes comprising The History of Middle Earth.

The game can be as difficult as you make it. Challenging top tier Captains early on isn't a cake walk and you will run more than once.

Assassins Creed could take a lesson from this game as regards the small side missions. Here they matter and there is actually a payoff. I'll take this over collecting feathers or animus pieces that mean nothing any day of the week.

isa_scout1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Amen to that. I hated trying to find those damn feathers just for the trophy. I absolutely love this game. I hope I see more developers try to adopt the nemesis system. Having a little pawn kill me and seeing him move up through the ranks makes it even more fun to die and go get my revenge on him. The fact that Uruks remember me is pretty awesome to. I've been playing a lot of Destiny lately, and boy is it nice to just take a break from the endless grind and play a game like this. The only complaint I could even level at this game is aiming the bow seems a bit off to me....but literally everything else is top notch.

FullmetalRoyale1478d ago

Yeah I had to actually lower the sensitivity of the aiming to better control it myself.

Damn man, I showed my friend this game the day before yesterday via party chat and streaming.
I went to show him my best friend Long-Tooth and I explained our encounters that had led to his scarring. During this fight, which I was incredibly outnumbered, I go to hit an Orc and it's another Captain. One with backup.

So I'm fighting dozens of these grunts, two captains, and the second captain eventually drops me. With the knowledge that my best friend is watching me I am down on one knee waiting for either death, or the chance to get back up. What does the second Captain do? He walks up to me, leans in, and says "killing you like this would be too easy." As he walks away leaving me yelling through my laughter "You arrogant fool! I'll kill you!" I got back on my feet and had to fight the dozen or so orcs still left, and the first captain. I fell them but it left me thinking of that second captain.

The next day I sought revenge. I won't tell you the elaborate story of how I got my revenge on that captain, but know it did not involve killing him.

morganfell1478d ago

Agreed. It's that good and a welcome break from the faceless enemies we see in so many titles. Killing bad guys lacks satisfaction or a sense of vengeance when they are nobodies. I might as well drop a bomb on them from 25,000 feet.

And fighting some Captain and a second one shows up and you hear that horn blow it's action time as you try to finish the first one before the 4th Mongolion Horde arrives.

Rickgrimes951479d ago

I just wish this game was a little harder

BikerBeast1479d ago

I don't know, guess everyone's game really is different because one of my warchiefs (starting out) had a "top" captain at lvl 20....fricken hard to kill on his own...not to mention the fact I had to kill him three....THREE...fricken times..(2nd time I killed him he had cuts on his head, 3rd time I killed him he had rope holding parts of his face together)..even though I'm now on map 2 I still expect when I go back to the 1st map for a Uruk with half a head to be waiting for me......and it's AWESOME!!!

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