Edge Feature: Alpha Protocol – The Spying Game

Edge writes: "Mixing espionage with experience points, Obsidian finally prepares to emerge from deep cover.

Santa Ana, California, is one of the ragged-edge cities flung out from the ever-expanding spill of Los Angeles. Not sleepy so much as lazy, its sun-lasered configurations of identikit buildings seem the results of early procedural graphics experiments rather than anything in the way of conscious design.

By day, the population toil in interminable business parks; by night, they eat roadkill steaks at a vinyl-boothed botulism incubator where dinner will typically leave you significant change from ten dollars, until you factor in the inevitable medical expenses incurred during digestion. In essence, Santa Ana's the kind of city where you spend your time dreaming of escape – somewhat fitting since notable residents have included Philip K Dick, Marlon Brando, and now Obsidian Entertainment."

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