Xbox Celebrates Forza Horizon 2 Release with Lamborghini, Boys & Girls Club and Hot Wheels

Yesterday, Xbox released the newest addition to the award-winning Forza franchise – Forza Horizon 2. To celebrate, Xbox teamed up with Lamborghini and Hot Wheels to host “Kids into Car Lovers Day,” an event designed to foster youth creativity and car passion, at the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club – the first event of its kind for three of the world’s most iconic and recognizable consumer brands.

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Foehammer1476d ago

Great to see this kind of community support.

Mkai281476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Yea that's cool, now if only they could support the Forza community by transferring Forza 5 vinyls to Horizon 2.. It takes too much time doing vynls agian.😡

KiwiViper851476d ago

That's really cool. Seeing their designs in the game must be awesome.

How many of those kids want an Xbox One for Christmas.

qwerty6761476d ago

i bet those kids were hoping to get to ride in one of those lol.

Illusive_Man1476d ago

Great organization to spend time with,. I think it's great

GodGinrai1476d ago

gawd, I love forza... *sighs*... friday cant come soon enough.

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