Hyrule Warriors Review, Zelda Meets Hack and Slash | For the Love of Gaming

Cory Shultz from For the Love of Gaming writes:

"When Hyrule Warriors was announced, I made the bone headed decision to write it off entirely. Combing Zelda with Dynasty Warriors was something that just didn’t register in my brain, and when Nintendo said they were going to branch out more with their core franchises, that trailer wasn’t what I had in mind. Then Hyrule Warriors started making some noise, and the trailers leading up to the release started to make the game actually look like more than just a skin over Dynasty Warriors. Now, after playing it for about 25 hours, I can safely say Hyrule Warriors isn’t just a cheap knock off in any way"

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Dudebro901479d ago

I want this game but dont have a wii u

Justindark1479d ago

its a awesome game o.o i got 16 hours in it already.