Shadow of Mordor YouTube videos being hit with DMCA claims by WB Games

Apparently, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment is shutting down monetized YouTube videos of their latest game, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

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Hendrickson1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Do other publishers do this like Rockstar? I don't think they worry, it's free publicity for them

DesertFoxJr1481d ago

Rockstar? No. They're way too busy hiding any news regarding online heists.

bmf73641481d ago

Which ends up stirring more news in the process.

moegooner881481d ago

WB games is one of the worst publishers around, just look at Arkham Origins, I am surprised they always get a free pass.

porkChop1481d ago

Aside from Origins, WB is actually becoming one of the best publishers in the industry.

BattleTorn1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Agreed. I support film studios embracing our industry!

As opposed to Directors who resist and insist our industry by nature can not reach the level of story telling in film.

SuperBlunt1481d ago

Monolith and rocksteady under their belt elevates them pretty high up

Mr Logic1481d ago


That really bothers me. I'm not ignorant enough to try and argue that games or film is inherently better at story telling. It comes down to personal tastes and opinions.

But to argue that they cannot reach the level of film or that character is impossible to connect with. After 25 hours of playing RDR you can bet your ass I felt connected to the character. After playing Beyond 2 souls you definitely feel for the characters. Playing TLOU and not being engrossed in the story is something I have not come across yet. These are just a few examples out of dozens.

No offense to guys like Lucas and Spielberg, but I can't wait until their older generations die out and we have people that grew up with and can embrace video games as art.

Massacred1481d ago

No doubt. Look at what they have released, most of the games (aside from Origins) have been quite good (Scribblenauts, Injustice) to Excellent (Mortal Kombat, Arkham City, Asylum, and now Shadow of Mordor)

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FullmetalRoyale1481d ago

Ignoring Asylum, Arkham City, and most recently Shadow of Mordor. This may not be a decision we all agree with, but these are amazing games. Origins' story was fantastic. They clearly did not give them enough time on that one.

moegooner881481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I am talking about forcing the developers to focus on DLC, rather than fix the broken game they rushed. People are defending them really even with all the season pass crap and pre release DLC they have for their published games. Imho their practices are no different from the others. Just cause the games they publish are good doesn't excuse their practices.

nX1481d ago

As far as I know Origins was developed by a B-Team while the A-Team was working on Arkham Knight. Yes it was bad but I wouldn't judge WB's portfolio only on this one game.

Remy_Chaos1481d ago

People disagree and that's fine but how will they feel when WB becomes the next EA? It only takes a small step and WB has already taken them.

FullmetalRoyale1481d ago

Defending them? No. All I care about is good games. They can make all of the dlc they want. Mordor is packed with content. Don't be so blinded by the negative side that you can't see what's good. I even said when it came to Origins they did not give them enough time. Idk what else you want. I'm not going to pretend to feel differently.

moegooner881481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

No one asked you to pretend to feel differently. Everyone has the right to feel as they wish, but facts remain facts.

FullmetalRoyale1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

And I didn't SAY you told me to pretend otherwise. At first you replied with "imho", but now they are facts? Whatever man.

All I care about is playing games. You can keep fighting the good fight, if you wish.

moegooner881481d ago

The first part of my comment was purely facts. Learn to read.

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Massacred1481d ago

Seriously. . .

Funny thing is, aside from this, WB as a publisher has really been rising in my book, just think about what they have put out.

Mortal Kombat, Batman: Arkham, Injustice, Scribblenauts, and now Shadow of Mordor. . .

Some really great games.

EasyOneTwoThree1481d ago

and upcoming games like Witcher 3 , Dying Light and Mad max

DarkLord10031481d ago

I'm playing it for two hours now. Interesting game but the controls put me out of the immersion...

HiddenMission1481d ago

They get easier just a lot if tools at your disposal.

kiddCharlemagne1481d ago

I'm cool with it if WB is going after people posting full walkthroughs

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