Sony’s PS4 bundle onslaught continues, now with LittleBigPlanet 3

Sony has announced yet another PS4 bundle, this time with LittleBigPlanet 3.

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Webbyy1505d ago

The gamers are winning because of all these deals.

bouzebbal1505d ago

LBP3 bundle is a great idea to offer all that PS variety.

Highlife1505d ago

I don't get bundles. Why not have a voucher in the box for a free game your choice or a list of choices.

Death1505d ago

Is it a deal? The console alone is $329.86 and the game is $47.99. That's $378.85 when bought seperately. $386.78 seems kind of high for the same thing in one box. Usually when you bundle you save, not pay more. What am I missing here?

DeadlyOreo1505d ago

Oh god, really? Why is "Death" always here? He always appears in Sony related articles but he's always spouting nonsense.

Maybe just stay away from these articles, and stick to the ones which actually apply to you. It just looks like bad trolling at this point.

Cupid_Viper_31505d ago

@ Death,

I've seen enough of your comments by now to know that you're a troll. I will mark your comments as such, and also put you on my ignore list later today.

You seem very hurt and unable to bottle up those feelings.

You went into the DriveClub thread and spread a whole bunch of fake info about the game and the PS+ edition, and having people believing that if they upgrade from the PS+ edition then they will lose access to the game once the subscription is over.

That's false and you knew it, but you've got your own agenda.

Death1504d ago


I appologize for missing the 180 Sony made with Drive Club. The source that was provided with the updated information had the original info where Sony made it clear you would lose access if your PS+ expired.


I asked a fair question. The bundle we are discussing costs more than the system and game purchased seperately. The only thing limited about this bundle is the graphics on the box. I'm not sure how it is trolling to ask why the bundle costs more or why fans think paying more for the same thing is a great idea. It's cool to be a corporate cheerleader or shill, but an explanation why this is a good idea instead of a personal attack would be appreciated.

If you have a PS4, this article doesn't apply to you. If you are in the market for a PS4 like I am, the information may be relevant.

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internationterrorist1505d ago

Sony need some real deals in the USA like Microsoft x1. In the USA x1 comes with sunset overdrive free . Sony should no get to comfortable and give some great bundles also.

GribbleGrunger1505d ago

They're not struggling like MS.

DeadlyOreo1505d ago

Oooosh. That is the cold hard truth, Microsoft have to because they are desperate to catch up.

Magicite1505d ago

so many bundles, so little time.

ocelot071505d ago

Bundles........bundles everywhere.

Benjammin251505d ago

I think it's great. More chance of a person being able to pick up the game they want with their console.

JoGam1505d ago

I'm about to go grab a bundle of reggie.

zerog1505d ago

I can see a lot of kids getting this for christmas.

SoapShoes1505d ago

Again absolutely NOTHING for NA.... We only get the Destiny bundle, why does SCEA never even try?

Dawknight3161505d ago

I feel stuff will be announced closer to Black Friday

SoapShoes1505d ago

It has always been this way though. We didn't get TLOU or Second Son bundles, even PS3 got way more bundles in Europe .

internationterrorist1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Yeah Sony Destiny bundle . Cost the same as buying the game separate from the PS4. That's no deal. Sony should not get cocky Microsoft have been given the better deals on x1. It probably keeping x1 in the running in the USA. All the freebies Microsoft are given away to get buyers

SoapShoes1505d ago

No it doesn't... The Destiny bundle is $10 off so it's a small deal. Nothing great but it's still better to buy that than both separate(unless you don't like the color) plus it has a month of PS Plus and $10 for the PS Store.

Death1505d ago

Xbox One bundles cost zero extra to customers. I'm not sure why anyone would think paying more or getting less is better.

ocelot071505d ago

To be fair do they even need to try in the US?

Subaruwrx1505d ago

The X1 is much more competitive with PS4 in the US than the rest of the world (although it's doing fairly in the UK as well.) The glacial white Destiny bundle proved that the US market responds very well to unique bundle offerings but Sony America doesn't seem to realize this fact. If anything, Sony needs to try harder in the US than anywhere else.

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