Destiny update 1.0.2 now live - Patch Notes

Bungie: "With this patch, we address some widely-discussed concerns with how Engrams are earned and claimed. Strikes have become more rewarding, and the rewards gained from them are more predictable. Also affected is the rotation of maps that appear in the Crucible."

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one2thr1481d ago

There we go, I was waiting for this article to pop up.

Tetsujin1481d ago

About time this patch came out, and I'm close to level 15 on the Cryptarch.

one2thr1481d ago

Damn!! I just made it to level 5!

--Onilink--1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

im cryptarch level 15 and i have about 20 blue engrams waiting to be decrypted, though ill probably save some for my hunter class once he gets to 20

levian1481d ago

Does the Cryptarch level do anything? I haven't heard much about that.

Tetsujin1481d ago

Once you level 2 onward you get items delivered to you which you can get decrypted. Before the patch it was "rumored" the higher your level the higher the chance of a legendary/exotic; however post patch it's hard to say what part it plays outside guaranteed items delivered once you level.

I still did it for the free items since no one is gonna turn down free gear even if it's garbage 99% of the time - it's still materials.

Cryptcuzz1481d ago


The rare engrams that will be at least a rare -with a higher chance to be a legendary is only for rare engrams that are dropped after the patch.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891480d ago

I just leveled up to 17 cryptarch post patch and got a legendary chest piece for my hunter so maybe it's true.

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ITPython1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

This update is much needed, I was getting tired of getting exited to get legendary engrams only to have them wasted and turned into blues by that troll cryptarch. It was starting to feel like a lottery, or like McDonalds during the monopoly event... where you really think that the piece you pull off that big mac is going to be boardwalk... only to find out it is just another useless Oatmeal Avenue that you already have 20 of.

Sucks I have already completed the weekly strike (by myself mind you, which took me over 2 hours due to the boss fight being nearly impossible at level 26 and I am level 25). I should have gotten a lot better rewards for that painstaking effort than just 6 strange coins, some XP, one ascendant energy, and a few vanguard marks. I kind of hope in the future Bungie adds matchmaking to the weekly strikes or makes playing them solo reasonably difficult, not all of us have people to play with nor do all of us desire to play with others. Trying to solo the boss fights on these weekly strikes is impossible without cheating the system somehow (finding a great place to hide and stay safe while you whittle down the boss over a very long period of time). Going solo on the boss fights wouldn't be so bad if the enemies weren't infinitely spawning in, as the rest of the strike is perfectly fine playing solo. It's still a challenge, but not 99% impossible like the boss fights.

With that said, the McDonald's monopoly started yesterday! Gonna get me some tonight! Fingers crossed for boardwalk... lol.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1480d ago

Game is worse. It lags so hard. On my screen I got killed by an explosive before it even detonated. Half the time now I'm getting shotgunned from around corners before I even see the guy.

one2thr1480d ago

Yeah, its been lagging hard for me to. This one guy was teleporting all over the place both figuratively and literally.

busytoad1480d ago

What system you guys playing on? Been playing alot past 2 weeks on my ps4 with no lag at all or disconnects. Also i play on u.s server, which server you guys on?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1480d ago

I play on ps4 on the U.S servers.

CorndogBurglar1480d ago

Yeah, Crucible has been lagging really bad lately, but last night it was a lot better!

Glad to hear others were experiencing it too. I thought it was just my connection or something.

caseh1480d ago

Lagging lately? It's been lagging since day 1, there's no way to gauge anyone's connection status in game and the number of times I've blasted someone only for them to die 2 seconds later is honestly ridiculous.

Can't have a PvP game without some kind of latency meter.

one2thr1480d ago

Last night, PS4 it was just this one guy

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TAURUS-5551480d ago

like i said many times i love destiny, its such a challenging game ¡¡¡¡

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nominal2661481d ago

Yayyyy! and im stuck at work. people on Reddit Have confirmed though that if you have been saving your envelopes at the post master, they can still drop good legendary engrams that will STAY legendary!

Palitera1481d ago

But their drop rate (including on post master) was severely reduced to counter the higher value of the legendary engrams now.

The aim of the patch was not to give more legendaries, but to fix the incredible and constant frustraction of decoding the purple engrams.

nominal2661481d ago

And im just fine with that. Tbh, I didnt want Legendary engram inflation anyway. It wouldn't be fair to the many people who put hours into the game with the crap drop rate, just for new players to ramp through the game. So its all fair imo! As long as we are no longer deceived by that cryptarch!

jmac531481d ago

Of course I got 4 legendary engrams on Sunday that turned out to be blue items. Now I'm sure I won't get any but it's nice to know if I do get one it will be a legendary item.

Palitera1481d ago

I agree that it shouldn't necessarily change.

In fact, between the options to buy and receive gear, you can reach 26/27 pretty easily with queen quests and buying through vanguard and crucible marks.

The problem after this stays with materials, but, come on, if you want to have endgame fully upgraded gear, you can't expect to have it so easily...

admiralvic1481d ago

"The problem after this stays with materials, but, come on, if you want to have endgame fully upgraded gear, you can't expect to have it so easily..."

No. The problem is getting raid gear, since you can't hit level 30 without it. To give you an idea, I have something like 75 ascendent shards sitting in my bank with 3 characters at level 27+ plus (meaning I can get at least 6 ascendent materials a day unless they changed the daily heroics and 3 from public events from the post master.), but I only have a few chances of getting the armor I need. So if you have only one of that class, then you have approximately 7 changes per raid (though I've never seen the right Gorgon chest or the first chest give anything good, nor have I see Atheon give anything besides more cosmetic items [drop ship / shader / sparrow] and weapons, so this might just be 4), with an additional 5 if you're good enough / high enough to do the hard raid a week to get 4 specific drops. Having done this 5 times on my Hunter alone, I can tell you that RNG is not my friend.

Week 0* - Got to Atheon, got zero drops.
Week 1 - Beat it, got the sniper and chatterwhite.
Week 2 - Beat it, got the rocket and chatterwhite.
Week 3 N - Beat it, got the sniper, rocket and chatterwhite (true story).
Week 3 H - Got to Atheon before my team crapped out, got the chest piece.
Week 4 N - Beat it, got the scout rifle.

So if you average 3 ascendent materials per run and assume I got both at a perfect 50% ratio, then I got approximately 57 shards and energy and only need 72 to cap out a full set of legendary gear and an exotic. So needless to say, I was able to exceed the required number of shards well before I even got to the point where I could make the most of them.

* Forgot to sign out when the raid went live, so it counted for the previous week.

ITPython1481d ago

@admiralvic - Seriously?... you have three characters level 27+? Do you play the game in your damn sleep?

I have been playing the game since it released for 4-6 hours every single night... and I am only at level 25 with ONE character. And you say you have 75 ascendant shards? Which means you have leveled up every piece of armor and you have all legendary armor across your three characters... Wow man, are you some kind of freak of nature?

admiralvic1480d ago

@ ITPython

Between the queens wrath, the fact that you can simply buy a full set of armor with 2 weeks worth of marks (so 8 days minimum), strange coins are pretty easy to get (even doing the 26 for two weeks is enough to get 12 strange coins plus the one you get from story would get you an exotic item from the weekend vender), you can get armor for other classes via engrams, is it really that shocking that someone could get 3 characters (especially when resources are pooled) to level 27+ in the period of 3 weeks?

If anything I find it impossible to believe you can spend 88 hours on couldn't find the time to get the resources required to hit at least level 26.

ramiuk11480d ago

still just get rustburners all day for everthing i do :(

DARK WITNESS1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I don't mind getting less legendaries if it's consistent.

As I am my character is nearly maxed out. I am at 29 about 25% up to 30.

I do feel kind of selfish in that I don't want everyone running around with the same gear as me.

I just have a few exotics to collect and I will be complete.

my frustration right now is having 3 Sorus Regimes. I wish we could trade.

CorndogBurglar1480d ago

Maybe i've just been really lucky, but i'm lvl 25 and have gotten 3 purple engrams, all of which produced legendary items. This was before the patch. I hadn't experienced all this frustration.

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ThatOneGuyThere1481d ago

so happy. the day has finally come! praise RNGesus

user95970821481d ago

Can we get a fix for the whole "people who suck and don't contribute in the crucible get all the good loot while people who carry the team get the shaft" thing?

Christopher1481d ago

No. Rewarding only the people who are good at PvP means there's no incentive for a person who's bad at PvP, like myself, to even try it. And if us bad players don't try it out, you'll have more trouble getting matches and you'll see your KD score plummet.

Also, I don't think 'don't contribute' is a good way to define these people. Just not good at PvP. Being not good at is isn't a reason to not try. How are they ever going to improve otherwise? It's definitely not by losing to people who have years of experience with it over and over and getting nothing out of it.

tlougotg1481d ago

I agree with you but i also understand shinys point of view. I think they should always reward top two players and keep the random rewards to the rest of the group. I myself have been in the top or top two and didn't receive anything and i was bummed out but i have also been on the bottom and received something and been ecstatic lol

GiggMan1481d ago

I agree cgoodno. I have been on both sides of the fence, playing good and got nothing and sucking and getting rewarded.

When the iron banner becomes available it will probably reward the hardcore PvP crowd.

user95970821481d ago

the probably is that people are joint games and literally doing nothing the entire round and getting rewarded for it. Not so much poor performance as much as joining a game, sitting in a corner, and waiting to exploit the loot system.

Christopher1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

***I think they should always reward top two players and keep the random rewards to the rest of the group.***

Again, disagree. This only serves to make the better players better. In a system where you want to balance skill with potential for gear, you do not want to continue to make the better players always better through rewards.

It seems harsh, but even with lesser gear/rewards, those better skilled players are still going to come out on top for accomplishing tasks (bounties and whatnot), leveling up, and in general increasing their crucible ranks.

As it is, it's an even playing field for everyone as lady luck determines who gets what.

And, as GiggMan pointed out, the Iron Banner event will serve to give those individuals who are truly better the chance to get the rewards they deserve in PvP without adversely affecting the ability for other players to still play and get rewarded in PvP even if they suck at it. Again, like myself.

Heck, if all I got from PvP was a less than 0.8 KD score and nothing else, I wouldn't even try. I'm already outclassed by people who have maxed stability auto rifles and have played every map so many times that they know every nook and cranny and can sneak up and one-shot me with a shotgun with less stress than I find in just trying to kill someone right in front of me with my crappy assault rifle (I swear I get one-shotted all the time and can't seem to spend less than 10 bullets to kill a single person).

***the probably is that people are joint games and literally doing nothing the entire round and getting rewarded for it. ***

Ah, yeah. They should have a system to detect if someone actually performs actions, such as shooting someone and taking control points or the like and making sure to reward only those who participate. Agree with this.

Moochers, bad. Bad players who participate, good.

ThatOneGuyThere1481d ago


dont guarantee the top players gear. Maybe...I dont know...a crafting material or something random. Theres so much crap in the game, it would be nice to get a LITTLE something for winning. Glimmer, bonus XP, a virtual cookie, anything. As it stands, theres no reason to try.

I do agree with giving everyone an equal shot at loot, but common now, you should get rewarded for playing well.

Palitera1481d ago

You are referring to an extreme and very dumb way to make rewards.

No intelligent people ever said that bad PvPers shouldn't get loot at all, only that the top players should have more chance of getting something. It is a loot game that doesn't reward good performance. That's kind of absurd.

Tetsujin1481d ago

I'm another one who doesn't do to well in PvP when it involves K/D however I do contribute a lot towards the objectives. What I propose, the top 3 should have a pool between Strange Coins, Shards/Energies, and bonus Exp. The bottom 3 should have a pool between rare/legendary gear, with the more effort you put in (if your stats to get better) you have a higher chance towards exotics. The legendary/rare equipment should also be the type to actually help people get better, not to be used as substitute for people to be lazy.

Conzul1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

The real problem is that there are many times when the top player gets NOTHING. That shouldn't be a Thing.

Regardless of what runner-ups get, the top player should ALWAYS get SOMETHING.

Christopher1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

***dont guarantee the top players gear. Maybe...I dont know...a crafting material or something random. ***

That only means that top players remain at the top by both skill and gear. The problem is if the chance for quality gear, which requires crafting material to improve, is assured for top players, the level of difficulty will at the least remain the same if not grow.

The whole playing field is completely equal if everyone is limited by the same randomness of awards. It gives a chance for poor players to obtain a greater chance just as much as it gives the really good players a chance to continue to outpace the bad players.

The only way I'd see giving awards to the best players always is if there was a matchmaking system that placed people with similar KD ratios together rather than what is there now.

***The real problem is that there are many times when the top player gets NOTHING. That shouldn't be a Thing. ***

The top player always gets ranks and marks (up to their weekly limit). They also get medals that rank up their PvP points, which actually matter for obtaining exotic weapons.

There's one exotic weapon quest I have that requires me to have 25 more kills than deaths in PvP. I won't be getting that anytime soon and won't have access to the exotic weapon. That good player? They've got it done without any problem. And there are a lot of exotic weapons with these sort of requirements. There are also a lot of bounties that a good player can complete and I can't, let alone in much shorter period of time.


but surely the incentive is to play till you get good so you can then get the rewards?

If we reward you for being crap at the game how are you ever going to want to get any better?

I know people say it's just a game and it's just for fun, but still it's competitive and I can't think of any game that is competitive that rewards players for doing crap (apart from video games).

What they should do is have Ranked playlists for the competitive and an unranked playlist. The unranked playlist should hand out rewards up to the level of rare items. in this list anyone would just randomly get whatever.

The ranked playlists people should get the rewards randomly but with say a much higher chance of getting legendary etc if you are in the top 3 etc.

I know the challenge will be that people will abuse this system and you will get all the 12 year olds boosting etc to get legendary gear.

Still, just randomly giving stuff to crap players while the guy that carries the team gets nothing hardly seems fair to me.

vickers5001480d ago


You say that there's no reason for bad players to try pvp if they aren't good and if the system were to only give out good loot, well then what the hell is the point in playing if you're a good player then? I consider myself good but only ever play pvp when a friend invites me or when I have an exotic bounty. There's no reason for me to play either, I get nothing out of it, not even the chance to get anything for my hard efforts. You might say crucible marks or bounties, but screw that crap,.with queens bounties and vanguard bounties,I have way more bounties than I know what to do with, and those are infinitely easier to get than crucible ones.

I agree that bad players should be encouraged to play more by getting better rewards, but good players should be as well. The best player should AT LEAST be guaranteed one strange coin, mote of light, ascendant energy or ascendant shard. The best player should ALWAYS get something of value for their hard work and talent, they didn't just start out amazing at it, they had to work hard and hone their skills to get good. Hard work and talent should be rewarded, not discouraged

Christopher1480d ago

***You say that there's no reason for bad players to try pvp if they aren't good and if the system were to only give out good loot, well then what the hell is the point in playing if you're a good player then?***

1. Bounties are completed faster and you can actually accomplish them all each day.

2. Leveling weapons faster by getting more kills with them. Faster than PvE even if you do the daily suggested PvP mode.

3. Gaining ranks faster (you can actually rank up all side factions so much faster than bad players).

4. Gaining marks faster.

All of that provides you with access to better gear faster as well as more options for gear by gaining ranks faster with secondary factions (Future War and so on).

You also will gain more points and achieve more PvP ribbons which also give you bonuses for access to new gear and more rewards for certain accomplishments. Check for the grimoire info on this.

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kneon1481d ago

They are helping in a way, if they weren't there then the enemy would be shooting at you instead ;)

UnHoly_One1481d ago

Loot system was fine the way it was, but let's just go ahead and give the crybabies what they want.

GoGoGadge71481d ago ShowReplies(3)
Christopher1481d ago

No, it wasn't.

I have over 4d of playtime in the game and still couldn't find a legendary arm piece and had to buy my one exotic armor and both of my other legendary pieces. Why? Because the loot system rarely gave me a legendary engram (about one every 4 hours of gameplay on average) and then only about 1/4 of that time gave me a legendary piece of armor, and only about 1/4 of that time gave me a piece that my hunter could actually wear.

Great that you are lucky and it worked out for you. Not so lucky for tons of others who didn't spend all their time just farming or got crap rewards from strikes and crucible over and over.

In the end, my time in the game is worth a lot less than others who are luckier. That totally told me to keep playing.

UnHoly_One1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

That's just it. I wasn't luckier than anyone else.

I bought all of the armor I'm wearing on my main character from the Vanguard and Crucible stores, and from Xur.

I'm not ok with it because I got lucky and found a ton of stuff, I'm ok with it because that is the way it was intended to work and I'm not an impatient kid unwilling to just play the game and get stuff at whatever pace the game gives it to me.

What's the rush? I want to keep playing because the game is fun. The sooner I have a maxed out character that's just sooner that I will have nothing left to do in the game.

My point is, there is nothing wrong with the design of the game, the problem is that some of the people playing it want it to be something it wasn't meant to be.

Everyone complains when games don't try anything new, and then when they do, people complain because it isn't just like some other game. It's a no-win situation with the entitlement generation nowadays, and it makes me effing sick.

I hate gamers nowadays. I'm ashamed to call myself one anymore.

DeadMansHand1481d ago

@unholy. But the game isn't fun. It's been gutted and hacked and is the epitome of repetition. The only fun aspect is finding good gear. If that is not happening then there is nothing else worth doing in Destiny.

Christopher1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

*** it was intended to work and I'm not an impatient kid unwilling to just play the game and get stuff at whatever pace the game gives it to me. ***

No, actually, that's not how it was intended to work.

At no time during any of the demo videos did I see them go "and now we go and buy the best loot we'll ever see" and instead they always talked about the sweet loot that would drop from accomplishing the defeat of a boss.

With your logic, wouldn't that mean the whole loot drop system is completely unnecessary? Aren't we supposed to buy everything?

And, the rush? Well, let's see... there's a level 26 strike mission already in the game and most people in my clan aren't up to being able to play it at all and yet others are and they are getting weapons that give them so much freaking power in PvP that it's not fun for others who don't have them and are unable to compete on equal terms.

If people aren't having fun because of gross imbalances, then they leave. So, if you have a loot system, then you need to make it even and fair across the board. It wasn't that before. It is much closer to that now that they guarantee item qualities at the cryptarch.

***Everyone complains when games don't try anything new,***

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's good. It wasn't.

Here's how the loot system worked.

1. Kill an enemy (any)
2. Roll a d100 to determine type of loot dropped, if any.
3. If uncommon/rare/legendary, then roll another d100 to determine item slot.
3. If rare/legendary, take item to cryptarch and roll d100 to determine if result is actually common/uncommon/rare/legendary
4. If legendary, roll d100 to determine if it's actually an item of the type decrypted or a material or a mote of light/strange coin.
5. If legendary and armor, roll d100 to determine class (1/3 chance here you can use it)

It's a stupid and overly complicated system that only forced people to play for much longer than they needed while at the same time creating a quartile system of a bell curve where the top 25% would spend 1/4 of the time to get good gear compared to the bottom quartile and the second tier 25% would spend 1/2 the time to get good gear compared to the bottom 2nd tier quartile.

Essentially, it devalued one's time in game based on how lucky they were and not on skill at all. While this is somewhat normal, you always want to limit the role that luck plays in games where having the right gear is essential to being able to compete on equal terms with people in PvP. Especially a shooter.

***I hate gamers nowadays. I'm ashamed to call myself one anymore.***

Then don't be one if you water down a difference on opinion to just people whining about it. You don't have all the right answers and yet I'm not going to sit here and criticize your place in the gaming arena just because we disagree. Essentially, get off your high horse. You don't have all the right answers, nor do I. But I believe this was the right decision and the feedback from gamers as well as how they've dealt with the pre-existing system pretty much screamed to Bungie about the problems with their system.

UnwanteDreamz1481d ago

I disagree cgoodno. At least 5 vendors in the tower sell full sets of legendary gear. Why put 5 vendors selling full sets? If you depend on rng to outfit yourself you're wasting your time. Everyone in my clan is above 26 none of us depend in rng for our end game gear. Later whenyou do get that gear and need to level it up you will need to deal wirh those vendors. Im lvl 27 and will be 28 before the week is out. Without the vendors I would still be a 23. Bang your head against the wall if you want but there is an easier way.

kneon1481d ago

My cryptarch level is 13 and a half, with all the purple engrams I've had decrypted only 2 were legendary. That just doesn't seem reasonable. I don't mind finding fewer purples, but at least now they will actually be legendary.

ThatOneGuyThere1481d ago


paying for a product, then not being pleased with said product literally has nothing to do with "entitlement". Learn what words mean before using them. Imagine getting a cheeseburger from mcdonalds, and they leave the cheese in a hidden location in your bag because they thought it was cute. When you complain to the manager, some asshole says "look at this entitled prick! he wants his cheese on his burger!". thats you right now. sometimes things are done a specific way for a reason. That said, I agree with the pacing of the loot as it stands. Theres no reason everyone should be maxed out super fast. Thats not what the game is about. However, pre-patch, turning in an engram was super disappointing ~98% of the time. When a game's reward system is almost always disappointment, its broken and should be fixed.

Christopher1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

***At least 5 vendors in the tower sell full sets of legendary gear. Why put 5 vendors selling full sets? If you depend on rng to outfit yourself you're wasting your time. Everyone in my clan is above 26 none of us depend in rng for our end game gear.***

Yeah, you do. Strange coins, ascendant shards/keys. All dependent on RNG.

As you might note, I don't depend on RNG, but when I get a legendary, I don't want to be slapped in the face and told "sorry, screw you, someone else got this legendary but you get a green/blue piece of armor that is garbage to you."

And, again, it's not by spirit of design as the game was sold to us throughout development. Every single demo of the game was about finding awesome loot by defeating opponents. Every. Single. One.

You might even note from just six months ago where they were finding full weapons as drops and not engrams at all. The engram system was implemented on purpose, to make it so that people would have to play longer to get the gear that previously was designed to drop from opponents.

"You go out into the world to earn powerful weapons, cool armor, and combat abilities that change the way you fight."

Well, at least one of those is true.

ceballos77mx1481d ago

It took me about a week playing and finally got a legendary maiqn weapon engram....of course it was turned to a rare :(

UnwanteDreamz1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Strange coins yes but marks and rep can be earned and used without depending on rng. You can buy a full set of legendary gear with marks. No random drops required. Only Xur takes Strange coins. I dont dpend on rng for shards or energy. I buy and dismantle legendary weapons and armor for that. Again you dont have to depend on rng.

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KwietStorm1481d ago

There was probably a 2% chance of a legendary engram dropping. After decrypting it, there was maybe a 1-2% chance of the item actually being legendary. Most of the time it was almost 50-50 chance of being blue or even green. That was fine with you? Alright then.

edwick1481d ago

apparently they disagree.

AngelicIceDiamond1481d ago

@Holy hope your talking about the loot cave then I would agree. But there are allot of people that were getting screwed hard with the former loot system in Destiny.

Christopher1480d ago

***Strange coins yes but marks and rep can be earned and used without depending on rng. ***

It's still dependent on RNG since what rewards you get from the daily missions where you can get a max of 2 resources is random. So, still RNG dependent for you to get the needed ascendant shards or keys.

You're still living in a fantasy world where you don't think RNG affects you. RNG affects everything in this game. To say otherwise is living in denial.

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