Legal Mess Over Euro Alone In The Dark Reviews

Kotaku summarises: "This week, the following events took place: 1. We got a bunch of tips telling us that the Xbox 360 version of Alone in the Dark had turned up on BitTorrent sites. 2. Scandinavian games site GameReactor were one of the first to review Alone in the Dark. They gave it 3/10. Ouch. However, they then promptly pulled the review, and accusations of shady dealings were levelled against the site by Atari, who said that press copies had only been sent out the day before (the review has since been reinstated, and the 3/10 stands). Odd, seeing as many other European publications also had reviews go live this week, but whatever. 3. German site 4Players reviews the game. Gives it 68%. Then is threatened with legal action by Atari because, yes, Atari had no idea how the site got a copy of the game."

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Silogon3958d ago

Well I give a 4 out of 10, haven't played it. Just saying I did. Can I get sued now? Please, frivolous lawsuits abound these days. Everyone is so litigious it isn't even funny. Everyone is suing someone.

nice_cuppa3958d ago

if this keeps going im going back to the mags !

ice_prophecy3958d ago

I might have to try qore. I'm too cheap to put out $12.50AUD for a Mag these days. That is like Petrol for 2 weeks on my motorcycle...

titntin3957d ago

What are you talking about??

This is a gaming website doing its job. The game is a turd and they are warning you not to spend your money?

The story here is that Atari so blatently try and suppress an honestly expressed and valid opinion on this game.

The game IS A turd - having now played it, I can confirm its not worth your money.

ice_prophecy3957d ago

oh just to clear confusion I am responding to "im going back to the mags ! " only hahha

PoSTedUP3958d ago

the game looks good. after the haze reviews, i shall never go by another review ever again.

ps360fella3957d ago

But haze really did suck though i rented it. It sucked.

KidMakeshift3957d ago

This and Hellboy are getting nothing but low scores :(

They looked quite promising. I still want to rent them at least

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The story is too old to be commented.