Healing abilities minimal, nearly absent from Dragon Age: Inquisition

As the release of the first Dragon Age title on the current generation of consoles draws nearer, more details about the game are being discussed and revealed. The lack of out of combat health regeneration and the absence of healing spells in Dragon Age: Inquisition have already been confirmed. Instead of regaining health naturally after a fight or having a mage heal characters during one, players will have to rely on potions for both situations. The change to making potions practically the only way to heal has been met with some concern, bringing creative director Mike Laidlaw to answer a few questions on the topic.

Although mages will have barrier and guard spells, the classic heal spell from the previous Dragon Age entries will be gone. Laidlaw infers that the removal is to keep the player from spamming heals during fights. Gamers that have tried their hand at healing and mitigation know that those are two very different things. It’s a matter of being proactive rather than reactive, and those styles aren’t mutually exclusive. Not to mention, nixing one for the other just means fewer playstyles for a support character.

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hazelamy1503d ago


buy a bigger potion bag £5.99.

Remy_Chaos1503d ago

I'm fine with no health regen, way too much hand holding going on nowadays. Honestly though why the hell can't a mage heal? That's beyond stupid. It seems like this game wants to make up for the disappointment DA2 was yet they always find themselves taking a step back.

Dlacy13g1503d ago

Actually mages as I recall have traditionally been more attack focused, it was the cleric's that were the magical healers. At least in most of the D&D based fantasy games I have played.

I actually am really ok with this change. I always found healing potions to be a bit throw away in almost all games like this once you got a decent level and high level healing spell. Now instead healing potions will stay relevant for the entire game and the skills around making potions could grow in importance as well.

ThanatosDMC1503d ago

In DAO, you can have any mages to have healing abilities or any abilities as long as they skill points.

But different games are different but that just craps all over the people who love the Dragon Age lore.

karlowma1503d ago

This is more and more a console RPG for action game fans. Definitely a wait-and-see for me.

TRD4L1fe1503d ago

good it'll make people think twice before doing something dumb

starcatcher1503d ago

The more challenging the better!

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