Why the Titan Cancellation by Blizzard May Have Been the Smart Decision

Watching the development of Titan by Blizzard was similar to watching a soap opera on tv. It seemed that speculation was always rampant on what features the mmorpg would actually include, but the consensus was that it was going to be the Next Big Thing that would take online gaming to the next level and then some. However, real details were few and far between as development dragged on for seven full years. Practically every other game company on the planet would have had a game launched during that time and probably be working on releasing the first or second major expansion. Yet the fact that the company in question was Blizzard, and the reality that they only released games when they were ready, just made people all the more curious. Then last week the bombshell dropped that Blizzard had cancelled Titan. While some gamers have lit candles in mourning, MMO-Play think that it could have been a good idea to do so.

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