Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Ultra Versus High Quality Textures On GPUs With 2GB VRAM

DSOGaming writes: "While our PC Performance Analysis has been slightly delayed, below you can find some a new comparison between the High and the Ultra textures for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. As we can see, there are barely any differences between these textures, suggesting that these are basically only uncompressed textures. There are slight differences but for the most part, they look similar."

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Reddzfoxx1569d ago

I don't get these articles that still try to compare Ultra textures versus high textures on 1080p screenshots. Obviously its going to be hard to tell until you go up higher in resolutions which then you will need 6GB Vram GPU's in crossfire/sli anyway to produce frame rates that make Ultra detail textures worthwhile.

TLDR version: Resolutions of 1440p or higher is where Ultra resolutions become necessary as their are more pixels on screen so the game textures look cleaner.

cyclindk1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Number one... this may sound crazy but I'd say in this example... I can't see any difference at all and I almost want to say that is because THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE!

But my disagree is because, you can EASILY see huge improvements in in-game texture quality on nearly any high resolution setting, up to and including 1080p.

Yes it becomes less noticeable once you get down to SD resolutions, but it's still noticeable.

You can watch a movie in 1080p, would you argue the real people and environments don't look MORE realistic than any game out there? Right now no game approaches photorealism, but one can clearly see the difference between a tv show and a video game at 1080p..

Reddzfoxx1569d ago

I think you misunderstand there is no industry standard on textures for levels of detail to qualify for Ultra and high and it differs from studio to studio. So comparing ultra and high textures from one game to the next all depends on what that studio created and implemented.

But at 1080p the texture differences are going to not be noticeable as higher detail textures are which are made for higher resolutions and are going to be downscaled anyway to the amount of pixels for the resolution as there is only so many pixels to work with. While at higher resolutions you can get up to 4 times as many pixels on the screen ultra texture packs are needed to keep the visual fidelity.

TDLR version: There is only so many pixels for 1080p so older games which had " ultra textures" might only be high level textures compared to what we are seeing as they were not made for 1080p + resolutions so they were not that detailed. Also Ultra textures downscaled to 1080p resolutions are basically high level textures and not the true ultra versions

-Einhert-1569d ago

Maybe its something to do with seeing if the doubling of the VRAM from high to Ultra is really worth it.

Seems in this case it really isn't and just another case of bad optimisation.

Feralkitsune1568d ago

It isn't bad optimization. This game runs smoother than pretty much everything released in ages. the game performs like a champ.

-Einhert-1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


Sorry but it is bad optimization when 6GB "ULTRA HD" textures look worse than textures from a title like Metro Last Light which is over a year old at this point and it uses far less VRAM.

A game with way better textures which recently released is the vanishing of ethan carter which has amazing textures and it only uses 1GB of VRAM>

The textures in this game are simply not compressed so yes it is bad optimization for Ultra settings.

Game runs alright on high.