Destiny: Top 5 Improvements Suggested by Fans

Gameranx: "Destiny, which came out last month, has been the subject of an usual amount of controversy. Some players praise the title for trying to change up the first-person shooter formula, while others bash it for being too repetitive and grindy. In the interest of progress for both sides, fans have been busy trying to figure out how Destiny can be improved post-launch. Some very interesting ideas and theories have been coming out of the woodwork, so we have compiled a list of our favorites."

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thorstein1479d ago

I also would like to see random Grimoire cards appear on loading screens and my Crucible medals appear in my inventory.

RedSoakedSponge1479d ago

yeah. i would like them to show all the stuff that is on the website, in the actual game! having to go on the site just to look at your cards and your stats is ridiculous. i think the cards could have been so much cooler if they made more of a feature out of each one in the game.

Gore-Content1479d ago

gameranx is a sh'tty website so I'm not clicking on that link.

Jdoki1479d ago

My main changes are not so much with the game play, but with the immersion / user experience.

I'd like to see Bungie create a 'Library' in the Tower, where players could go to access their Grimoire cards (and why cards? Why not make them data fragments or data salvaged from dead Ghosts or something)

I'd really like Bungie to allow us to remap the cross direction pad on the controller - so that I could add an ammo pack or other consumable to it. (I would happily see dancing removed from the game; it's ridiculous for a game with such a serious tone)

Cool downs / active items on the HUD / UI, so when I activate an ammo pack or other consumable I can see how long it will last, or how long the cool down is. It's annoying to use an item with a 10min activate time, but have to go in to my inventory to see if it's still active and activate another.

Adjust the capacity of areas, so that there are more players around (Wandering around an empty Tower, or having to try and solo Public Events is not that fun)

Adjust the timers for Public Events so that they last longer if there are less players around. Also broadcast the event wider than the immediate area - so that players have a chance to head to the Event and participate. (I'm fed up trying to get the Bounty for 3 Fallen Walker kills by waiting around Earth and then solo'ing the Walker)

Allow players to change the Shaders on individual armour pieces, for more unique looks

If I did have a game play related improvement it's simply for Bungie to turn it up to 11 and start thinking outside the box with their missions and storyline. I enjoy the game immensely, but the 'go here, activate ghost, go there, kill boss' nature of the game seems unambitious.