Shadow Of Mordor Is The Sleeper Hit Of The Year

2014 has been defined by over-hyped, over-marketed mediocrity. How refreshing then to see a great Triple A action game come triumphantly to the fore despite having little fanfare preceding it. Mark Butler salutes Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor.

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joydestroy1480d ago

it is for me, that's for sure!

--bienio--1480d ago

Same here!! GOTY at the moment:)

Ace Killa 081480d ago

can you compare this game to any?

camel_toad1480d ago

@Ace Killa 08

Id say its Batman meets Assassin's Creed prolly like youve already read. It definitely does some unique stuff on its own though. Good solid fun. Im only a few hours in but my own early guesstimated review score will probably be in the 9 range. ;)

tgunzz1480d ago

How is the challenge of the game? I am looking to maybe pick this up.

joydestroy1480d ago

good challenge. i almost died a couple of times haha so fun.

Aleithian1480d ago

*walkin along, come across as orc*

*attack orc*

*random orc boss appears*

"I'm a gonna kill you, you sumabich!"

*fight orc and orc boss*

*orc boss' retinue appears - 10 orcs*

*fight orc, orc boss, and orc retinue*

*orc boss appears*

"I'm a gonna kill you too, you sumabich!"

*fight orc, orc boss, orc retinue, and orc boss*

*orc boss' retinue appears - 10 orcs*

*fight orc, orc boss, orc retinue, orc boss, and orc retinue*


In short, there's a challenge.

Aleithian1480d ago

Yep. It's soooooo good!

Not_A_Fan_A_Gamer1479d ago

I downloaded this game on Xbox One yesterday and I love it!! Looks unreal! Great game play its like assassins creed / Batman / Ryse all in one. Great game! And before any fan boys reply "PS4" looks better I own both systems.

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SnakePlissken1480d ago

I don't know man, games are all starting to look and feel the same to me lately.

This looks too much like a game I've already played 100 times before. Assassins Creed and Arkham come to mind.

Maybe grab it when I'm bored and its $20.

JWiLL5521480d ago

They never tried to hide the fact that they were borrowing heavily from some other 3rd person action games...

That said, they have the most unique AI system ever featured in one and the combat is far more visceral.

Really enjoyed the few hours I was able to get in last night.

SnakePlissken1480d ago

Yea, they don't try to hide it at least. I'm not saying the game isn't awesome, I'm sure it is.

I'm just seeing alot of games continuing to do the same thing lately, gameplay wise. I'm more burnt out on all the damn shooters!

I heard about the AI in this game. I guess certain enemies will remember you or something? Sounds kinda cool. At least it's not another part 4 or 5 franchise!

mkis0071480d ago

That's what makes the game so good. Combining multiple games to make an awesome game. What if gta5 was combined with saints row? Would be badass.euphoria engine in saints row!!!

joydestroy1480d ago

i never really enjoyed assassins creed and i still haven't touched any of the newer batman games. this one just looked far more interesting than those 2 franchises.

Bubbamilk1480d ago

You really need to check out batman bro.

Not even in the same category as assassins creed.

If u have a ps3 I suggest checking out the first 2 batmans before this. You could probably get both and still save an extra $20 on top and u won't regret it.

joydestroy1480d ago

i don't have a ps3 anymore. sold it when i got my ps4. i watched my brother play one of the batman games and the combat looked rather clunky to me with the slowing down of time in between hitting enemies. there's just more to do in Shadow than what i've seen of the batman games.

aliengmr1480d ago

IMO its literally the best parts Assassins Creed and Batman. I mean it works, and its fun as hell if you like both those games.

Battlefieldlover1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

What exactly can games do now that hasn't already been done in some way, shape or form?

Execution is all that matters.

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MilkMan1480d ago

How so. I've been following the dev diaries and so on. If you did your homework you'd know at the very least the game would be a landmark game. I perceived it to be just as hyped as any other game this year. How is this game a sleeper and Destiny wasn't?

Zichu1480d ago

Because Shadow of Mordor wasn't hyped up like a lot of other games are or were. Destiny was hyped up big time. Alien Isolation is being talked about, especially with the DLC stuff.

OB1Biker1480d ago

I think its been well marketed and theres been a ton of trailers and demo even if many dont realize it. The thing is straight from the first trailer its been criticized as an AC clone (unfairly) and many were skeptical for different reasons. In that way Id say it could be called 'sleeper hit' but not a surprise for me from E3 demo anyway

Paprika1480d ago

Sleeper, I think people writing these articles need to learn what it means.

Unless my interest in the game exceeds its hype, I thought this was going to be a pretty obvious hit.

FsterThnFTL1480d ago

Wolfenstein: The New Order, Shadow of Mordor, Forza Horizon 2, Divinity: Original Sin all turned out better than I thought they would.

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