Destiny Needs Its Blank Pages Filled

Keeping a game franchise fresh and thriving for 10 years is a lofty goal. But that's exactly what Activision is attempting with Destiny. Accomplishing this feat will require a solid foundation of entertaining gameplay, but it also helps to have an interesting story that draws players in, sparking interest in its mysteries, its history, and its unanswered questions. Destiny's story is certainly brimming with mystery and unanswered questions, but is presented in a way that fosters boredom. The narrative seems detached from the world around it, while many of the characters stand apathetic to your inquiries.

Destiny is a new franchise, and is developer Bungie's latest chance to create something that captivates the imagination. So why does it already feel so bland and uninteresting? Much of the reason behind this is due to Destiny's weak delivery of its narrative. Destiny veils its thin plot, burying what meager background lore it holds behind a wall away from the game itself. It does...

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CloudRap1505d ago

The more I play this game, the more its flaws become glaringly obvious to the point that Im considering trading it it in for Shadow of Mordor, a statement I would have found ludicrous a month ago, but sadly true.

Tex1171505d ago

Shadow of Mordor rocks, so there that.

Bungie needs to patch in the grimoir cards in the the very least and to just begin...They have a lot of work to do.

one2thr1505d ago

Surprised that there isnt an article about the update.

Stick891505d ago

No worries, that $60 epic you bought had 3/4 of its chapters ripped out at the end and are going to be sold back to you one chapter at a time for $20 a pop.

lemoncake1505d ago

I don't see them sticking to just destiny over the next 10 years, I expect them to support it for a few years then release destiny 2 and then 3 within this amount of time.

Nodoze1505d ago

Wonder what they are going to do when they start to see player base drop off a cliff? It took hard core players less than 1 month to see all content and hit max rank. Even with a punishing loot system.

Most I know are already moving on. Bungie, you F'd up.