Gameplanet reviews Battlefield: Bad Company.

In one of the first reviews on the internet, Gameplanet New Zealand review Battlefield: Bad Company, rating it 9/10.

" An action packed, vehicle ridden, explosive charged first person shooter which really packs a punch. Deformable environments and a vast array of vehicles to command, as well as exemplary single player and multiplayer make for great bang for your buck. This is certainly no one trick pony and any downfalls are more than made up for."

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BulletToothtony3772d ago

and i don't know where it came from...

Spawn killing it's not very pleasant :(

Hydrolex3772d ago

Graphics - 8.5 / 10
Sounds - 10/10 feels like a real battle
Gameplay - 10/10
Multiplayer - 10/10 more fun than cod4
Single player - 6/10

overall = 8.9

let's say 9

gogators3772d ago

I am finding this game to be a little more interesting everytime a see something about it.

Doppy3772d ago

Wow that's higher than I expected. After playing the demo I literally got sick (gamer's fatigue). I was upset on the tank part, even though it wasn't hard, but the cheap tank would know where your going.

(for example if I swung around to the other side of a house to shoot at the tank while my AI buddy stayed on one side the tank would automatically move over to where I'm going to shoot me as soon as I got there cheap).

The game didn't look near as good as the pictures this website are showing, and unfortunately there was no multiplayer in the demo.

I guess the demo was an early build of the game, because if it wasn't to me this games deserves nothing more than a 8/10.

perseus3772d ago

I don't really understand much of what you said, but I really don't understand the "no multiplayer in the demo".

Which demo were you playing that didn't have multiplayer in it?

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Silogon3772d ago

Same ol' same on my end. I didn't see a 9 in this game. I see it more like a 7 with typical online death matches as usual. It went a tad above the rest of run of the mill fps but still, it is clearly not a 9.

EA publishing the game takes off a point for starters. The graphics were pretty much eye infections waiting to happen and the slow pace of the game was a bit tedious, not to mention the motion sickness you are prone to get from driving the vehicles in 1st person.

All in all, it's decent but an attempt at better glory has not been made, nore has Ea's name been redeemed.

chanto233772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

i thought it had 2 gamemodes...conquest and gold rush

i guess its only gold rush...

thank god its a very fun gamemode :)

edit: i just read conquest is coming as dlc

DiabloRising3772d ago

I wasnt impressed by the demo. Aiming felt too floaty, and the enemies didn't even react when you shot them, until they dropped. Please tell me they added "hit" animations into the final game, I was looking forward to this.

AshleyRiot3772d ago

My advice play MGO it's packed with options and features and fun modes. I don't think blowing a hole in a wall is revolutionary and the explosions looked generic on the demo to me meanwhile they look fantastic in MGO. This might have vehicles but the stealth aspect,devices,cqc,skill leveling etc. make MGO tower over this rehash of the same game oh ya except now you look for gold.

1stKnighT3772d ago

LMAO. Have fun paying for extra characters.

AshleyRiot3772d ago

@4.1 Have fun paying for online service only to pay to play online LOL.

Bucky Sligo3772d ago

We are having fun doing that, thanks ;)

perseus3772d ago

Are you kidding? How can you call BC a rehash and not call MG the same thing? Metal gear is a great game, but it is the same MG game we have been playing for almost ten years, with a fun online mode thrown in. Bad Company will make every FPS that has come before pale in comparison (yes, yes, I know, except Red Orchestra).

There is nothing that compares to changing environments. I guarantee that every FPS that is developed after BC will have them, because it's so. much. fun.

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